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Alice Springs 4WD Hire & 4x4 Rental | AliceSprings4WDHire.com.au - AliceSprings4WDHire.com.au Specializes in Recreational and Commercial Self-Drive 4WD Rental. We Supply Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large 4WD’s, Fully

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  • Amazon Customer - missing items

    when I received this item, it was missing the 2 9 volt batteries that were supposed to be included. Also missing were the bolt, nut and 2 washers needed to connect the base to the handle. Extremely disappointed!!!

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    Very easy to install. Less than a minute and it was in place. It is like a very thick window shade which rolls out horizontally. It covers whatever is in the bed of your cargo area and keeps it out of sight. Works and installs as advertised.

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