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HOME - All Lives Equal is a grass roots advocacy group, made up of everyday Australians, campaigning to protect the rights of unborn children.

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  • P. Murray - Disappointing, Returned

    I researched tablet options quite a bit and had high hopes for this device, but ultimately returned it. I'd highly recommend considering a kindle fire (I have the 7" HDX) instead.

  • Cheryl - Just as advertised...

    We actually bought this for use on our houseboat inside or outside. Great to have an extra burner that does not heat up the kitchen or if needed by the outside grill. The only issue is finding cookware that works with it. Be sure you take a magnet with you when buying that. If the pans are not magnetic, the burner does not work with it. I have seen some cookware that claims to work with induction but really does not.

  • Pete C - Its a Stubby!

    I love my stubby! I initially got it based on the reviews but namely for its name, which I found hilarious. Before i got it my antenna kept hitting limbs while driving through trails. The Stubby looks great and picks up all radio stations in my area (greater Hampton Roads). I get a lot of compliments on it as well. Works and looks great. i would highly recommend.

  • Jeekee - I love Supersmile and I don't want to be without it

    I love Supersmile and I don't want to be without it! I absolutely cannot tolerate the other whiteners due to extreme gum sensitivity. The only other product I can handle is the Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine. Between these two products, I am satisfied with the whiteness of my teeth.

  • D. Hall - Not only doesn't this cover any better than an average foundation

    Not only doesn't this cover any better than an average foundation, but my eyes started burning immediately after applying (even though I did not put it close to my eyes). I'm normally not so sensitive - will have to return.

  • Amazon Customer - It is exactly what the title implies - an extensive ...

    It is exactly what the title implies - an extensive listing of publishers, giving the breakdown of the requirements of each, the time it takes from receipt of manuscript to acceptance or rejection. Also lists which format to use when sending, fees that are charged, etc. Overall, it's a okay book. It is not a how-to, but a who to contact when you are ready to publish.

  • Evil Eye - Don't love it but it's still really good.

    First off I've been both a PC and Mac user but primarily a Mac user from college/grad school until two months ago (that's for the past 8 years) when my 2008 iMac finally stopped working. Instead of dropping a grand or more on another iMac or Macbook, I decided to actually look what was new these days. Relying on the Internet for the search, Google Chromebook rave reviews would appear. I've heard of them and seen them sparingly through grad school but always thinking they must be a cheap version of a Windows OS PC. Actually it's Google's own Operating System. A kind of Android-ish version but not entirely. It's basically an always online version of Chrome (apps, extensions, etc). The Toshiba Chromebook 2 was the highest ranked Chromebook out right now so I decided to buy it (being I was cost conscious). For $290.00 and with Amazon's excellent Return Policy for Electronics, I figured it was worth dropping $315 (w/ tax) to try it out. Well its been a night and a day and I can tell you this is the best laptop I've used in quite some time. When my iMac broke originally 2 months ago, I decided to go the super cheap route and bought an ASUS Vivobook (their newest one for 2016). It was the slowest P.O.S. and it's really meant for people just getting into computers (a good purchase for a kid or an elder family member). You could barely open three or four tabs without it slowing down. The Chromebook 2 however, I've had three YouTube tabs open to test it, with ten plus tabs of regular text (NYTimes, CNBC, etc) which are still somewhat data heavy and there's been no slow downs. Coming down from a Mac definitely takes getting used to as everything (even on an older machine) is crisp and smooth. Well ASUS failed horribly but Toshiba nailed it. I'm still getting used to the settings and figuring how to navigate the laptop but for the most part it's easy. One thing which I was scared but was happy to then figure out was printing. My HP Photosmart printer is also 8 or 9 years old (it's a beast and meant for a small office - but I had gotten it for free as a promo with the iMac back then) so I thought it wasn't compatible with the Chromebook. Actually, it is, but the workaround is that you need to download the HP Printer app from the Chrome OS Store. Once you have that installed it works instantly. So if you're a Mac user and want to see what all the fuss is about with Chromebooks, definitely buy this model. I saw a few sites that suggested you really don't need the i3 model versus the Celeron N model. A top reviewer on Amazon also said it made no difference. From what I can, this thing is fast, fast, fast! Very smooth product, excellent speaker system (it's by Skullcandy - and there's a small Skullcandy logo below the keyboard, it doesn't bother me the slightest but others have noted it as being annoying), full 1080p IPS display, and what's more amazing is that the startup and shutdown times are ridiculously fast as well. I will say I'm a mouse user so I only used the Touch-pad for setting the Chromebook up. But when I did use it, it was very fluid and worked like a charm. I do like the scroll feature of the touch-pad, though it doesn't always work for me. It might be me though, being I'm new to Chromebooks. What I don't like however is how small the font type is. Everything seems to be out of the box at a font type of 8 or 10. You can make the screen show at a lower (720p) display level versus the out of the box (1080p) which helps a bit (my eyesight is pretty awful - glasses user) without sacrificing video quality in say YouTube. Also some webpages tend to flash here and there but it's nothing like a deal breaker. My HP Wireless Mouse also doesn't scroll up and down as smooth as it did with my iMac. I've read that I may need a new model that works better with Chromebooks. Aside from the small amount of cons, the pros completely out-weigh them. Some other cool features. You can have multiple accounts (I believe up to 17 of them but don't quote me) and you can have multiple email accounts in one account (I believe up to four of them - don't quote me there either) but I have my secondary gmail account under my main Google account which is a nice feature where I can seamlessly switch off without the need of signing out. I'm happy to report while the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is no MacBook it's certainly the best laptop I've had in quite some time. Definitely factor this in to your list of potential buys if you're in the market for a new laptop.