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  • Amazon Customer - Wanted the extra features

    Google Maps, Bing maps, etc. just don't have all the features this software has. I like it for route planning and adding stops is really easy. Also like the excel import feature for when I have a long list of addresses. I downloaded the trial version from Microsoft and for whatever reason it was cheaper ordering the physical DVD-ROM over a digital download and entering the serial number from it to the trial to activate it.

  • whmitty - A very bright affordable high-quality flashlight

    I have other LED flashlights going back 10+ years. They ALL have strange, very annoying tinted beams which make it difficult to see colors accurately. This Amazon Thrunite TN12 has what the company describes as a "Cool White" beam rendering natural looking colors to my eyes. On the Thrunite site they offer a "Neutral White" option which on spec sounds like it may be even better in terms of accurate color rendition. OK so now you ask "Who gives a rip about color as long as you can see?". That's what I thought until I tested the TN12 alongside my slightly older cheaper "blue" tinted LED flashlights in total darkness. Putting aside the fact that the TN12 is a bit brighter than the old light it provides a much more pleasant "experience" (I know, you're hearing the Twilight Zone theme about now) due to the more natural beam from the Thrunite LED. For me, this was worth the upgrade alone. I know, this sounds like some New Age baloney. But for me this difference in beam color is significant and may not be an issue for others. I'd suspect that any light that used the same LED as the TN12 would provide this benefit in terms of beam color. Bear in mind that the reflector used also plays a role in how the beam is propagated onto what you're viewing. The TN12 appears to be much better than my other flashlights in this regard.