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  • Regina F. - Not much happening with this.

    After a few weeks, just not seeing much to get excited about. I will probably keep trying but had higher hopes based on reviews. Certainly nothing compared to NuBrilliance microdermabrasion which was worth the extra cost. That makes a huge difference around my eyes and mouth.

  • Elemis - Elemis

    I have taken this product for a month now and have noticed no difference. I do not have any more energy nor have I lost any weight like the product claims. I do not feel it has detoxified my body and see no improvements.

  • Evan Smith - Great option for a meal replacement!

    I bought this for a couple of months for my wife during her pregnancy. Now, it doesn't compare at all to eating real fruits and vegetables, but it definitely works as a good meal replacement shake (she got her chocolate fix!) while providing all the benefits of a multivitamin.

  • Melissa - Not for yeast/thrush rashes

    My toddler developed a diaper rash from thrush. I was using this product along with a Miconazole cream, and I couldn't figure out why her rash kept getting worse. I checked the ingredients and this paste contains cornstarch, which yeast love to eat. As soon as I switched to Burt's Bee's Baby Bee ointment (no cornstarch or any other yeast-food) the rash has quickly cleared. I'm sure this works fine for other rashes, but I don't recommend using this if you suspect thrush.