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  • duelswife08 - Paste-y waste-y... glad I didn't buy it!

    Used this for almost 4 days with no change in my daughter's rash... used Aquaphor for 1 day & the rash is almost gone! Don't believe the hype... use Aquaphor instead!

  • Margery Aukstikalnis - I have been slowly adding all my favorite recipes into one collection

    I have been slowly adding all my favorite recipes into one collection, freeing up shelf space, and putting all my recipes in easy reach. I love that I can copy, paste, and organize the recipes in such an easy manner. I don't have to print hundreds of pages anymore!


    I just did not like the download copy and was not aware that the state was not included until after it was downloaded. so I had to purchase it twice.

  • Joseph Purcell - Amazing

    Still unsure about which console to purchase? I'll help you. If you want a console that is built for gaming and gaming alone, then maybe the PS4 is for you, but if you want a console that does gaming and much more, GET THE XBOX ONE!

  • karatebk8 - This thing is almost perfect

    Disclaimer: I use my roomba in a pet-free environment and on only hard-wood/tiled floor. Also I live alone and am fairly neat and have short hair, so I can't really review how well it deals with long hair.