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  • AKalaj - Five Stars

    This is by far one of the best masks I have ever tried! My facialist (who is one fo the best in Los Angeles) recommended this to me. You only need to apply a thin layer, it dries quick. I use it after I open my pores after a hot shower. Works great as a spot treatment as well!


    What an absolute poor job of a recording. I have the original recording on an LP that played better than this, For example, in the song This Jesus Must Die, there is a wonderful dialogue between Caiphas the High Priest and another priest. This CD only plays ONE CHANNEL and the other is BARELY AUDIBLE! The same happens in the song The Temple between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I guess you won't miss it if you don't know the original, but I do and it is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I can't almost believe such a beautiful work of art has been butchered like this by an obviously unprofessional lot that did not know what they were doing or did not care to listen to the final work one last time. I am amazed beyond belief, even angry for having wasted my hard earned money on this "digitally remastered" work. Please give me the original.

  • Greenville, MI - Good at stopping hunger!!!

    I don't think there are weight loss supplements out there that I would give 5 stars in all honesty. I haven't been using this long yet, but it has worked to slow down hunger. I am only taking 1/day and you can take 2.

  • D. A. Rollins - I Love It! Best Upgrade Ever!

    I've used Quicken to track my finances since it first came out. I don't upgrade with every release so I went from Quicken 2011 to Quicken 2014. I love the new features. Way back there was a dedicated Quicken device, Pocket Quicken I believe, that you could carry with you that would sync up with your PC Quicken account when you got home. That device went away a long time ago and I've missed losing that functionality. With Quicken 2014 I can now enter my transactions while I'm out rather than have to save my receipts or remember what I bought and enter into Quicken on my PC. Now I can just enter transactions while I'm out and click sync on my PC when I get back home and it's all there. I also love being able to take a picture of my receipt and having it upload and saved in my Quicken file. For me, these two features make this the best upgrade ever.

  • Jim Parker - Only buy this if you love Mexican food. Best. Salsa. Ever.

    I live in San Antonio, so I'm required by law to eat Mexican food. This is great salsa... the only kind I buy! Enjoy it.

  • Barefoot Bohemian Artist - Great buy!

    Not a bad price, and easier to find than looking all over and having people look at you all crazy when telling them you are looking for hide glue.