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APROFER - Associação Sindical dos Profissionais de Comando e Controlo Ferroviário - APROFER - Associação Sindical dos Profissionais de Comando e Controlo Ferroviário. Conheça a APROFER, o seu trabalho e objectivos e junte-se a nós.

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    I have been an office fan since the beginning. NO MORE! Microsoft has just made a draconian change to its office licensing scheme.

  • Brian F - Need a hint? Find it with MYNT!

    Day 1: My first thoughts on this was WOW what an amazing package it came it. This thing could probably take a drop from low orbit and survive! All kidding aside. Very good package. I tend to loose things a lot so I put it though its paces today inside of my leather wallet. and it connected in the OPEN ~150ft. or so inside a house it was more ~100/125ft. Very easy to locate even with someone else hiding my wallet. Also It will show the last place it has been connected to into the map. I left my wallet at my house and drive away it said it was still at home. Very impressed. Also it will send a alert when you have gone XX ft away. Straight forward setup. The app is about 9/10 user friendly. I would RECOMMEND this to ANYONE that has a tendency to lose anything phone, keys, wallet.

  • Michelle G. - Shadow Lasts All Day

    This is great for getting your shadow to last all day, or avoiding that oily feel/shiny look if you choose to skip shadow. My shadow lasts until I wash it off at night. If I don't want to do full makeup, I will still put this on my lids for a matte look and feel that lasts all day but looks natural. I've been using this for a few years now, I love it.

  • K. Garst - Neglect using monthly AFFRESH cleanings for your HE washer at your own peril!!!

    I have a Genral Electric HE Washing Machine, and love it. But after a couple years of use my towels started to sour, and I couldn't fix the problem. I called a GE technician, who told me I certainly had a buildup of debris (hair, lint, sticky slime) in the inaccessible parts of the washing drum. Fixing it would require tearing open the entire washer, which would cost as much as my washer had cost me two years before. BIG PROBLEM!!