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American Public University System - Official Site - 877-755-2787 - The official site of American Public University System. APUS is regionally accredited and consists of two universities, American Military University and American Public University, serving over 100,000 service members and working adults. 877-755-2787.

  • http://www.apus.edu/about-us/ APUS - Welcome from the President - The American Public University System is comprised of two online learning education institutions: American Public University and American Military University. Online university and degree programs available to students worldwide. Who American Public University System is as an institution of higher learning, our processes, and reasons for offering distance education to the general public.
  • http://www.apus.edu/accreditation/ Accreditation | American Public University System - American Public University System is one of the few higher learning organizations that is both regionally and nationally accredited by federally recognized accrediting agencies.
  • http://www.apus.edu/news-events/ APUS Newsroom - Press releases and news events detailing activities, degree programs, awards, and new developments at American Public University System.
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