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  • Great Deals IL - The design is good, the product function is horrible

    The design is good, the product function is horrible. The pads are totally ineffective after using 2-3 times. I purchased the Omron because the pads can be placed on or near the Achilles Tendon (on the ankle where painful knots formed on the back-side from running). The few times it worked Omron provided stimuli and relieved some of the pain from Achilles Tendonitis. The problem is it doesn't work after a few uses. Instructions were followed. The pad was rinsed and left to air dry. I returned the first Omron Pain Device a few days after purchasing and received a replacement. Unfortunately the second unit has the same issues so I placed it in a drawer and filed under "hot garbage".


    This is worth every penny. I have 2 little Poms and one has "itchy's" due to seasonal allergies. Honestly I thought the bottle was going to be bigger but it didn't need to be. I also thought I should of gotten a conditioner, but I didn't Their fur was snuggly soft and continues to be after 5 days and the shampoo went a long way. They smell fresh and clean with out silly perfume smells. . Highly recommended.