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  • Glenn Roberts - Denny Crane....I mean Billy McBride.

    I am a David E. Kelly (welcome back) fan and have wanted to see this from the moment I viewed the trailer. It's everything I'd hoped it would be and more. Billy Bob Thornton is perfectly cast as a fallen attorney about to do battle against the firm he for which he once partnered. Mix in a little bit of evil military industrial complex and you have the perfect recipe for a modern day retelling of David and Goliath. Except maybe this David is not definitely not a hero nor a future king.

  • Bill Robb - Works perfectly if used correctly.

    This stuff is awesome if you use it right. I have puffiness and dark spots under my eyes from a lifetime of allergies and just pale thin skin. People always said I looked 'tired' which really annoyed me. At first I was using this sparingly because it seems to dispense almost too much and it wasn't doing anything. Well, I wasn't using enough. Give it one good full pump and slather that amount where you need it. After a couple weeks of using it correctly I noticed a huge difference. Some days, if I'm sitting at home, I will just put a bunch on and leave the excess there to soak in. So not only does it work but the amount you get for the price is amazing. I'm using it 3 months later and it still hasn't run out. Other stuff I have used ran out in a month and usually cost more than this. 1000 thumbs up.