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  • Annie - Great study guide with a very detailed science section.

    **First of all, as a disclaimer, I want to state that I recently purchased TWO DIFFERENT HESI guides, and they were both fantastic books, but I can't remember which one had which material in it, and since I'm writing these reviews while at work, away from the books, I'm just having to guess. Both books covered basically the same stuff, so even if I am technically reviewing the OTHER book (which I hope very much that I am not!) this book was just as good as that one, so the review could really work for either. Ha. Sorry, I realized that is very disjointed and doesn't make a ton of sense. Either way, this guide is good. I know that for a fact because BOTH of the HESI guides that I purchased were good. So even if I am reviewing the wrong book, I can accurately say that they are both great guides. Now, on to the review.**

  • Logan - Solid CAI

    Easy to install. Bolted it onto my RS3 (naturally aspirated) and could instantly hear a difference in the exhaust. Can't really feel the HP gain much but I didn't expect to be blown away without a tune. I like the deep oval shape of the filter, gives a lot more surface area than the stock filter pad.

  • TokyoPurpleDog - great for pets-- safe and super warm

    I own half a dozen of these, which I put (1) outside overnight in the nests that the neighborhood cats make to get through the winter, and (2) in my bed, to keep my feet warm in the winter.

  • R. L. Richards - CSN 2012

    I wasn't sure what to expect with the Blu-Ray having both positive and negative reviews. It is solid, if not spectacular. Could have been much, much better. Disappointed that is just in stereo as a lot of people are. And somewhat disappointed in the song selection. The sound is OK, but seems a little overmodulated/distorted sometimes.

  • Ang78 - I was skeptical...but it did work

    Okay, I wiggled up under my vehicle but couldn't find where my oil leak was even coming from. I had oil running down my oil pan and it was windblown underneath the whole vehicle back to the transmission pan. I just assumed it was a crankshaft seal after Seafoam-ing this older motor. The leak was in that approximate area. Anyway, I had no leak after the vehicle was shut off, just some drips that would last maybe an hour. My problem was when the motor was running, I had a steady drip every 5-10 seconds! I would make a puddle in no time. I added this product to help me diagnose if it was the seal or not, heck for all I know it could've been a gasket. Maybe a timing chain cover?? To the point, my leak has stopped after a week of driving. No oil running down the pan, no leak while the motor is running. This is a small miracle in my eyes, the leak was that bad. I just hope my results hold out for a good while since this isn't my main method of transportation, just a hobby car. I don't wanna throw alot of money at it because I'm trying to do any maintenance on it with just my own wits to go on. Basically, I'm no mechanic but this stuff, so far, has saved me a big headache of having a mechanic charge me just to look at it and confirm what I already suspected. It's a small price to pay (~10 bucks) to give it a try at least.

  • Moataz - Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience

    I have never played battlefield before, so this is the first one in the series. Basically I hate games that are based on the online experience. But this game is a masterpiece, this is the only thing I can say. I'm enjoying the campaign a lot as well as the online. It is addictive. Everything in this game is perfect. I can't find a single flaw. The gameplay so fluid, sounds, graphics, etc. you feel like being in a real war, meanwhile I like how Dice made the gamer feels bad about being involved in the war and that nobody will survive at the end. This was a clever idea. I'm in love with this game

  • Leanne Vogel - Leaders in the space

    A fabulous book from two brilliant leaders in the low-carb, fasting, ketogenic space. If you're looking to explore how fasting feels in your body, this book will give you a very, very solid foundation. And, there's recipes... which I wasn't expecting at all. They're great!