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Aventura Fántastica : Lu Marini - Lu Marini decola para sobrevoar toda a extensão do rio Doce, buscando história, captando imagens exclusivas, em uma aventura inédita.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Leslie B. Scott - Quickbooks 2013 review

    Lots of changes, some of which make it take longer to post business transactions. certainly isn't a seamless change to the new version

  • luckygoose - Slows down the system

    I purchased PC version of this because it was relatively cheap and for the convenience that I don't either have to physically go out to buy the product or wait for the order to arrive. I did use the older version of Norton and thought it'd be a good idea to get the upgraded newer version. I didn't have any problems installing these and it everything seemed to work smoothly. Not to mention, I was impressed by how it provided many improved features compared to the previous one that I had before. But then, After a week of usage, I was constantly annoyed by how it was making my whole computer system slow especially when I'm on the internet working on multiple websites. It's just frustrating to restart the whole program since it takes forever to recover the pages and keeps on freezing for no reason.

  • Philip - It really depends on how bad your baldness is

    The product really works as i can see results in just one month.It really depends on how bad your baldness is.It may not work for everyone but when it does work it an amazing product.I fully recommend this product for men who have bald spots or ashamed of their hair loss.....

  • Carol Texas - Awesome cookbook software - lots of useable features

    UPDATE TO FIRST REVIEW: I ordered another copy (as a gift for a family member). It was never shipped. No responses to multiple emails to customer assistance for help. Others have posted same compliant on Radium website. Not sure if this business is still active, although it will charge credit card..

  • Kdwriter - I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 ...

    I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 years. There was something wrong with this bottle that I got from Amazon. The shampoo is really watery even after shaking the heck out of it. And, it smells awful. Hopefully, the next bottle is normal.

  • Gregory C. Sayler - Worse than bad freeware

    Microsoft seems to have stripped most of the functionality out from previous versions of word and the help function is pointless.