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Ayurveda in Bangalore, Ayurvedic Doctors in Bangalore - AyurCentral - We are Ayurveda in Bangalore, AyurCentral is a complete Ayurvedic treatment facility with both in-patient and out-patient facilities.

  • http://www.ayurcentral.com/lesser-known-facts-wheatgrass-will-amaze-every-health-enthusiast/ The lesser known facts about Wheatgrass that will amaze every health enthusiast - Wheatgrass, a rich dietary supplement available in multiple forms has the history that dates back to almost 5000 years. Initially discovered by Egyptians, it has been part of the Mesopotamian traditions, recognized for its health benefits. It was only in the year 1930s,

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  • Trustnu - I wouldn't have believed it

    I have an employee that suffers from migraines and allergies and can not always do her job and she is a very hard worker. I'm always looking for products to relieve her pain and symptoms. I saw this on youtube and I read reviews and ask family members about it and 1 person said that they knew a guy that had been taking it for 10 years and has never been sick sense. Of course I thought that was an exaggeration but not I'm not so sure. I have NEVER been able to sleep with ever a window cracked in my home at now without have a violent allergy attack. Well, I bought this product for both my employee and me. She still gets migraines but she doesn't know that she's having one until she looks in the mirror and can see the veins popping out of her head. There is no more pain with the migraines now and I have been sleeping with ALL my windows open all summer and I love it. I have never felt so free...lol

  • Amazon Customer - Very happy

    These fit perfect and look awesome. I'm completely happy with the fit and construction of these mud flaps. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because of the double sided sticky tape didn't hold very well on the rear mud flaps but the factory screws hold it fine. I've had these on my truck for a few months now and I removed the rear flaps and cleaned off the sticky tape and reinstalled with 3M sticky tape and it holds great and looks great. If I had to do it again I'd replace the tape on the original install.