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Home - Wir, die Bäckerei Koch sind ein Betrieb für “rrrrichtig “ gute Backwaren – und dies seit über 100 Jahren in 4. Generation im Raum Goslar.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Rebecca - Great product! Really!!!

    If you are otherwise healthy, this is a great walking aid for use instead of a knee scooter. It is easy to use with or without the straps, but because it straps on, it is easy to continuously use rather than "cheating" and taking "just a few steps" without an aid. When my 21-year-old son went for his post op checkup, the bottom of his cast was still clean because he didn't walk without his iWalk AND the doctor was pleased with his progress. Crutches are so uncomfortable, but the iWalk, if strapped on, leaves your hands free and it is much easier to use. This can be used to go up and down stairs, although up is easier. Scooters cannot go up and down stairs and scooters are difficult to put in a car. This is not for someone who otherwise has walking issues. One of the straps did fall off and got lost, but this still works with 2 of the 3 straps. I do think it needs to come with a stuffed parrot that sits on your shoulder and an eye patch. Quality construction.

  • Joe Crump - Not so comfortable

    I've used SensorExcel for many years but wanted to experiment. I bought these with high expectations I'd find my new shaving companion, but quickly put these in the "use only if out of razors" section of my cabinet. They were much more uncomfortable to shave with and caused me to bleed much more so than with the SensorExcels. If your beard is the kind that takes a really careful touch to shave, then I don't recommend these.