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Barker Medical (Pty) Ltd - Barker Medical is a Medical Diagnostic company specialising in the supply of laboratory based diagnostic products.

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City: 28.2294 Gauteng, South Africa

  • Donna Jessup - Great Cookbook for Putting Your Favorite Recipes on Computer

    I used to have the Master Cookbook for my computerj-generated recipes. The ingredient font was small and hard to read. This Living Cookbook has a great outline and everything is easy to read. It takes a few minutes to figure out how to do everything (especially if you, like me, hate to read manuals), but once learned it is easy.

  • Claudia Burrows - At least it's an attempt to discern the problem

    Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 is a fascinating and thought-provoking book. In it, Charles Murray makes the case that there are diverging classes in America and that, rather than a division based on race, the division is most acutely indicated by trends in what he refers to as "white America".

  • Roger D. Hunt - re: OUTSTANDING PRODUCT

    after trying everything that does work and purchasing this, I was amazed to find that it actually work. But one did not do the trick for me, I think that I need about three flushes, MINE was beyond clogged, but at least now it is idling a whole lot better....it definitely works.

  • Destiny - This product would be great IF you have extremely oily skin

    This product would be great IF you have extremely oily skin? I tried it and i have pretty moderate acne break outs and figured it would clear it up and it did but it also dried my face out to a point where it was uncomfortable causing more acne to pop up so it was just a nightmare. The lotion is way way way too oily for any ones skin and im not sure out that doesn't cause acne in itself? Definitely will not be buying this product any time soon.

  • We can dance if we want to! - Do not waste your money

    This glorified bandage did absolutely nothing. It's not even strong enough to wear alone as a waist cincher under clothing; in fact, it seemed to make me look bigger. Complete "waist" of time and money!