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    AWFUL HORRIFIC RIDICULOUS customer service. Over 2 hours, 9 techs multiple "disconnects" and finally finally I got the product cancelled because nothing should be this hard to get worked out! Do not even bother, this product will never be any good until the Geek Squad gets rid of the idiots running their phone systems. It is not cheap either!

  • A reader - New Interface -- Great Improvement!

    I've always loved the MOOV as a personal fitness coach -- it's 10 minute workout is the perfect no-excuses morning routine. But when I first reviewed it, I found that it didn't always track other activities well, including semi-stationary activities like water aerobics. That all changed with its new interface in May 2016. Now it's much more accurate in recognizing activities as "active." There's no problem with it counting brisk walks, water aerobics, or heavy gardening (aka shoveling rocks). The sleep tracking is better, too. They also changed the colors on the phone interface to make it easier to recognize different levels of activity. Now you can be active "yellow," "orange" or "red." And it automatically gives you a badge when you reach a fitness goal. Now I think it's the best fitness tracker on the market. Nice work, MOOV!

  • Tifani - If heard really good things about this stuff

    If heard really good things about this stuff. I'm on my second day. From what I know, you need to be drinking a crap ton of water. This is a booster and its supposed to work gradually giving you a boost to help you shed Kore pounds. So far from it-works I've seen gradual results. Everyone is different. J wish I were one of those people that see fast results too. But I think give it time. Just like any supplement it takes a little more time than just 30 days to see any real differences. So far I love these products.

  • Marissa - Might not be real but it works

    I'm not sure this is authentic. The light has a delayed reaction when turning off. It also has a strobe light setting if you click it twice, which I don't think is feature of LuMee's. The packaging looked photocopied and blurry. And the light is a different shade than my previous one; however, it serves the same purpose and looks just as pretty so I'm happy.

  • Ginger ALE - Print matters

    Always great. I buy one every year. Even with all of the online/blog/tablet/i-whatevers out there, this printed version is easy to use, helpful & informative. Yes, it is heavy..........in a good way!