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  • Steve - sure was pretty and blue

    We've had a Keurig single cup for years, it was recalled. I bought the K550 2.0 as a Christmas gift as we wanted a unit with a reservoir and the ability to brew 4 cups. Opened it up, filled it with water, sure was pretty and blue, went to our reusable k-cup and spent the next 30 minutes trying to understand why it wasn't working and how to brew my first cup. Like many I then got online and realized that Keurig spent a ton of their R&D to try force people to use proprietary k-cups, and no our old k-cups didn't work either. Way to go Keurig... trying to perpetuate the epitome of worldly hypocrisy, let's push taxes for "excessive" carbon (breathing), while we fill up landfills with small plastic cups. Sadly, I would have (originally) and likely paid much more for the product because it's such a common and household name and I "assumed" it was best in class. Needless, I returned it and will likely go with a unit which spent the time to provide a hide away door for a reusable k-cup module, like the Cuisinart. Yes, I know that the "free market" has since derived reusable k-cups for the Keurig 2.0, however, I'm sticking to my free market values and not providing Keurig any of my money until they prove they can provide a better quality innovative reliable device. Hey Keurig... how about bio-degradable k-cup's? Hey free market... how about the same? How about a brewer that comes with a refillable option and a stack of bio-degradable (one use) k-cups in the event I may not want to mess with cleaning the reusable container some morning (or for office environments or entertaining)... for this I would have likely paid double! Efficiency, convenience and environmentally friendly!

  • Customer - Successfully fixed convertible top

    I purchased the glue to fix my 2004 beetle convertible top as the back window was pulling apart from the window. I used a razor blade to get rid of all the old glue, cleaned it with alcohol and applied the glue according to the directions. The parts I was able to glue are well secured. About 48 hours later it rained and then 72 hours later we have 90f degree weather and still all is holding together just fine. The glue does take much longer than 90 seconds to adhere. I just held it in place till it seemed secure. At least 20 to 30 min. For those who could figure out how to clamp it would find the whole process very easy.

  • Collin - limited focus

    I love Rick Steves travel books- if I'm only going to be visiting the places that he reviews. With as many years as he has been compiling information on Italy, I would hope that his Italy books would include Sicily and Sardinia, but they do not. If you're sticking to the big tourist destinations, this book is just what you want.