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Beauty Star Kosmetolog - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Beauty Star /by susu En klinik for Eyelash Extensions - Lash Lift - Spray Tan - Shellac - Voksbehandlinger - Farvning af vipper/bryn & Tandsmykke.

  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/ansigtsbehandling/ Ansigtsbehandling - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Ansigtsbehandling fra 295,- Alle ansigtsbehandlinger starter med en hud-analyse, for at kunne vejlede og give den bedste og mest effektive behandling.
  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/eyelash-extensions/ Eyelash Extensions Buketter - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Professionel kosmetolog Århus. Behandlinger som Eyelash Extensions Aarhus- Lash Lift - Spray Tan - Shellac - Voksbehandlinger - Farvning af vipper/bryn mm.
  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/spray-tan-aarhus/ Spray Tan Aarhus - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Professionel kosmetolog Aarhus. Behandlinger som Eyelash Extensions - Lash Lift - Spray Tan Aarhus - Shellac - Voksbehandlinger - Farvning af vipper/bryn mm
  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/cnd-shellac/ Shellac - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - CND Shellac er et helt igennem genialt og gennemtænkt produkt, som er en kombination af neglelak og det holdbare fra gele
  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/lash-lift/ Lash Lift - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Lash Lift får dine vipper til at synes længere, buede og giver mere volume, samtidig med at det giver et smukt løft som er holdbart i op til 6-8 uger
  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/voksbehandling/ Voksbehandling - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Vi tilbyder rigtig mange voksbehandlinger lige til dit behov. Alt fra voks af læber til fuld krops voksbehandling fra 85kr
  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/tandsmykke/ Tandsmykke - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Et tandsmykke er designet specielt til tandoverflader og til fremhævelsen af et smukt smil. Vi har et udvalg af smykker, som du vil elske. Pris kun 85kr
  • http://www.beautystars.dk/behandlinger/pris-liste/ Prisliste - Beauty Star, kosmetolog Århus - Fuld prisliste på vores kvalitetsbehandlinger - Eyelash extensions - Ansigtsbehandling - Spray Tan - Lash Lift - Voksbehandling - CND Shellac Negle mm.

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    City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

  • Marty - Very Good but QC Improvements Needed

    I received the product and was very pleased with the overall set. Very good value and nice looking bag and clubs. Two of the clubs, the putter and the 5-hybrid had slight defects (marr on the putter striking surface and small dents on the edge of the 5-hybrid).

  • Diarci - Same old thing but works on Windows 10

    I've used both Nero and Roxio for many years. My preference is for Roxio simply because I prefer their interface and because Nero has (if possible) even worse customer assistance than Roxio). Both have many faults which have seemingly never been addressed over the years and the new edition has not changed that. If you dislike the old Nero, get this version. If you hate the old version, skip this one.

  • Chris - Great for the larger 30 oz Tumbler

    Works great, especially for the larger 30 oz Tumbler where it is larger on the top. I'm 6' 2" and have hands that match. Sometimes when grasping the Tumbler in the vehicle where I can only get my hands on the larger top portion, it is not as comfortable as I'd like it. I feel it may slip out of my hands. Having this handle solves my problem and is much easier to hold overall.

  • Film Maker - It works great - but breaks down often

    I bought my first unit from Groupon. This hair removal system is wonderful - I used once every 2 weeks on my arms, and the hair reduced beautifully and painlessly. I wore dark goggles when using this laser system.

  • New Age Media - given that most of the one star reviews here complain about the same thing and how poor Haan's customer service is

    I had it for a year and half, used it every 2-3 weeks. It just quit heating and steaming. From reading other reviews and Haan's support forum, I'm guessing the heater went out. Going to contact Haan, but don't have high hopes, given that most of the one star reviews here complain about the same thing and how poor Haan's customer service is.

  • RIC W/O THE K - Horrible chemical smell with Pampers

    We've used Pampers swaddlers since leaving the hospital, until recently. Recently we received a shipment of Pamper Swaddlers and immediately notice a strong chemical smell after opening the diapers. The smell was so strong that it was nauseating. At first we thought that maybe the smell was from the UPS truck that it was shipped on, but there are three individually sealed packs in the box. So after reading some reviews on Amazon and Babycenter I found out that other parents notice the same smell. The parents in some of the reviews said they notice the chemical smell (not the powder fresh smell) and said that their little one had experienced diaper rashes that they believed was caused from using the chemical smelling Diapers. I also thought that this might be an amazon only issue. But I went to Target and SAMs and found the same smell in many of the diaper boxes on the shelves. So I wonder if this is a Pampers manufacturing issue. It's sad because I really liked Pampers, now we have are little one in Huggies. We've experienced a couple of leaks with Huggies, which we were able to fix with proper positioning of the diaper. Huggies have a fresh smell, this puts my mind at ease knowing that I'm not exposing my child to a diaper that smells like motor oil. While the smell does dissipate after a few days it's still noticeable,which is unacceptable.