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Biconi - Natural Beauty & Hair Regrowth Products - Biconi is dedicated to developing natural beauty products made with virgin coconut oil and noni extracts. Our products will bring out your natural beauty.

  • http://www.biconi.com/product-category/women-hair-loss-skin-care/ Women Hair Loss & Skin Care - Biconi - Natural care for women hair loss and skin made from only the finest and most effective ingredients, the Biconi Noni Enzyme and Virgin Coconut Oil.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product/women-shampoo-bar-for-hair-fall/ Women Shampoo Bar For Hair Fall - Biconi - Biconi natural shampoo works at the cellular level to prevent hair fall and revitalise scalp from deep within. All without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product/natural-shampoo-bar-conditioner-bundle/ Natural Shampoo Bar & Conditioner Bundle - Biconi - Enjoy the benefits of Biconi natural shampoo and conditioner - hair regrowth in one simple step. Revitalise your scalp and repair damaged hair.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product/natural-hair-repair-conditioner/ Natural Hair Repair Conditioner - Biconi - Biconi Natural Hair Repair Conditioner is a deep conditioning treatment moisturise and replenish your dry hair. Rich in antioxidants to help hydrate hair.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product/natural-face-cleanser-wash/ Natural Face Cleanser & Wash - Biconi - Protect your skin with our natural face cleanser from environmental damage and eliminate your clogged pores. Hand-made face wash bursting with antioxidants.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product-category/men-hair-care-produtcs/ Men Hair Care Products - Biconi - Our men hair care products answer to the need of an effective hair loss treatment. Made from the finest ingredients found in nature.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product-category/baby-natural-skin-care/ Baby Natural Skin Care - Biconi - Your baby’s delicate skin deserves only the best natural skin care. Made from carefully selected ingredients to pamper and protect your baby’s skin.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product/baby-massage-oil/ Baby Massage Oil - Biconi - Give your little one a massage and nourish his delicate skin using the Biconi Baby Massage Oil, a blend of virgin coconut oil, sweet almond and jojoba oils.
  • http://www.biconi.com/product/natural-baby-soap-bar/ Natural Baby Soap Bar - Biconi - Biconi Natural Baby Soap is formulated with plant extracts to soothe baby’s skin and provide a gentle yet effective head-to-toe cleanser.
  • http://www.biconi.com/our-story/ Our Story - Biconi - Biconi is a family-owned business, with a passion to develop wellness-centered natural personal care products. 100% pure and natural skin care products.

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  • BigBadBookworm - This thermometer is very easy to use and very user friendly

    I bought this for my 3yr old Son. He runs warm naturally and is not patient with the ear thermometer we have used in the past. Plus I never felt it was giving a reliable reading. Seemed different each time. This thermometer is very easy to use and very user friendly! You need to be careful with the "eye" and also ensure you swipe from temple to temple. I wish I had this when my Son was an infant! So easy to use, even while they are sleeping. The ear method on this thermometer is excellent - very accurate and an instant read!

  • Patrick DeDonder - Misleading reviews

    I was promised x-ray vision, forever clean teeth, and instant grilled cheese, among other things. But the only thing that's happened so far is my limbs have started turning black and falling off. Maybe I'm using it wrong? If someone tells me what I'm doing wrong, I might change my rating...

  • Beenief - Excellent, instant torque is addictive

    Excellent, instant torque is addictive, I have driven more miles than i would ever have imagined since getting the car, so much fun to drive. Autopilot is remarkable i use it everyday, need to be cautious if lane markings are poor. Rear passengers complain about no arm rest, and floor of the vehicle is bit high and is noticeable in the rear. It will be hard to drive an internal combustion engine after driving electric, when accelerating it seems like all those high horse power ICE cars are standing still.

  • Marlee - It's a toolbox essential

    This is a great tool. It can be used right-side up or upside-down, as the chart is on both sides. The tester is able to be used on both standard and GFCI outlets. The only thing that can make this product better is a voltage indicator.

  • Julia P. Davis - Great value and price

    very easy to install and the very same thing at dealership is twice the money. Very good deal and look great on my 2012 CRV. Can't beat the price.

  • throughhiker - Great for fine hair! Great price!

    This is my go-to shampoo for my very fine hair. It is the best shampoo I've found to give my hair some extra body and volume. I'm a very low-maintenance groomer, so I don't use any other volumizer, and this does the trick for me. The price on Amazon is much much better than the price I get in my local stores.