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  • Nancy B. - I love this product

    I like the idea that it is running in the background and my computers speed has not deminished in any was. It does not interfere with any of my programs and I am totally satisfied with it's performance

  • Preeti - Wonderful story of sisterly love

    Wonderful story of sisterly love. She went to prison for her sister lost her job spent two years in jail when she came out she found her sister. Read on for more


    Bought my husband an ASUS tablet back years ago, now he finally got me one! It is awesome! It is nice that it also has space to add a sd card for storage. It works as well/fast as my laptop. Enjoying it immensely. It charges super quick too!

  • Say no to Trump - A sewing machine to please mom

    This was for my mom. It's exactly like the one she wore out. She makes quilts as gifts. She uses the machine every day almost. The first one worked so well that she wanted an identical one to replace it. She's very pleased so I'm vicariously pleased.

  • Clive Skeggs - Could have been a five-star!

    This book is in two parts, where part one is really well written and maps out a very intreaging and believable situation. The second part is also very well crafted, right up until the last few chapters, where I felt that the author got fed up with the book and just wanted to finish it off. Shame really, as this could easily have been a five star, in my opinion.

  • Elisabeth - Great but if you have sensitive skin ...

    This is a really good product. My facialist suggested it because I have rosacea. Well, the last time that I got a product from her, it was the Sweet Red Rose cleanser (from the same company) that seemed to calm my skin a bit more.

  • hannibalsmith - Excellent on ice

    I've only been grinding beans and using the French Press at home for a bit over a month now. Brewing this way I get a pretty good hot cup of coffee - good (certainly far better than almost anything from my K-Cup machine) but not exceptional. I've also tried it iced, though instructions on the package indicate to double the ratio of grinds to water if you are going to ice it. I just stick with the regular ratio and found the iced coffee plenty strong, and very flavorful - the flavors of this coffee really come out when cold. Its opportune that Kati Kati seems to be offered seasonally in the summer as it makes a good summer coffee due to its excellence when iced. I may buy one more bag of this before summer is over and its out of the stores for that reason. But my next bag of beans will probably be Starbuck's Sumatra as I've enjoyed those in K-Cup form and think it has more potential.