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Biotin benefits for health and hair - Biotin can help grow hair, prevent hair loss, strengthen nails, as well as help with cancer treatments, diabetes, neurological diseases, heart and skin disease.

  • http://www.biotin.com/other-useful-sites Other Useful Sites - References - Biotin.com - Other Useful Sites - References Links of Interest AlphaLipoicAcid. comThis powerful antioxidant helps combat free radicals and protect against heart and liver disease, cancer, cell aging, and many other unwanted conditions.
  • http://www.biotin.com/hair-and-nails/biotin-to-prevent-hair-loss-and-promote-hair-growth Biotin to Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth - Biotin may prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Biotin can be taken orally as a supplement and can be found in many haircare products.
  • http://www.biotin.com/miscellaneous/biotins-known-drug-food-and-lab-test-interactions Biotin’s Known Drug, Food, and Lab Test Interactions - Antibiotics and anticonvulsants can cause biotin deficiency. Biotin supplements rarely interfere with medications, but can cause inaccurate thyroid lab tests.
  • http://www.biotin.com/diabetes/biotin-can-help-lower-blood-sugar-and-treat-neuropathy-in-diabetics Biotin Can Help Lower Blood Sugar and Treat Neuropathy in Diabetics - Diabetes - Biotin.com - Biotin Can Help Lower Blood Sugar and Treat Neuropathy in Diabetics - Diabetes Biotin may treat high blood sugar and diabetes related neuropathy.
  • http://www.biotin.com/hair-and-nails/biotin-is-important-for-healthy-hair Biotin is Important for Healthy Hair - Biotin helps to nourish hair follicles, and biotin deficiency can cause hair loss, thinning hair and alopecia in men and women.
  • http://www.biotin.com/miscellaneous/why-biotin-is-important Why Biotin is Important - Biotin is essential to fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, including the release of energy and insulin. It is crucial for function of the heart and brain.
  • http://www.biotin.com/deficiency/symptoms-of-biotin-deficiency Symptoms of Biotin Deficiency - Biotin is involved in many biochemical processes in the body. Symptoms of a B vitamin deficiency include anemia, depression, hair loss, weakness and fatigue.
  • http://www.biotin.com/hair-and-nails/biotin-may-help-heal-brittle-nails Biotin May Help Heal Brittle Nails - Hair and Nails - Biotin.com - Clinical studies, and positive results in treating hoof abnormalities in horses have shown biotin supplements may help strengthen nails in humans.
  • http://www.biotin.com/veterinary-applications/biotin-for-healthy-horses Biotin for Healthy Horses - Biotin is essential for strong hooves and good hair. It is available in feed, such as grains, clover, grass and alfalfa, or through supplements.
  • http://www.biotin.com/cancer/biotin-improves-effectiveness-of-cancer-treatment Biotin Improves Effectiveness of Cancer Treatment - Cancer - Biotin.com - Biotin Improves Effectiveness of Cancer Treatment - Cancer Biotin may help improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment.
  • http://www.biotin.com/skin/biotin-helps-support-faster-wound-healing-after-surgery Biotin Helps Support Faster Wound Healing After Surgery - In clinical trials, vitamin B complex containing biotin supplements helped promote wound healing in both shallow and deep wound surgery sites.
  • http://www.biotin.com/dosage/safety/dosage-recommendations-for-biotin Dosage Recommendations for Biotin - Dosage / Safety - Biotin.com - Dosage Recommendations for Biotin - Dosage / Safety Recommended dosage for Biotin supplements.

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