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Tauranga based Craniosacral Therapy, Bay of Plenty unique approach to stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain and health - Tauranga based BodiWellness's unique approach to help stress management anxiety, pain, insomnia etc. Helps reduce symptoms and helps maximise overall relaxation and well-being.

  • http://www.bodiwellness.co.nz/Stress+Management/Bodi+Solutions+A+-+Z/Headaches+and+Migraine.html Headaches and Migraine - Headaches are generally classified as either tension headaches or cluster headaches.
  • http://www.bodiwellness.co.nz/Stress+Management/Bodi+Solutions+A+-+Z/Anxiety+and+Panic+Attacks.html Anxiety and Panic Attacks - working with your central nervous system using Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • http://www.bodiwellness.co.nz/Stress+Management/Bodi+Connect.html Bodi Connect - body immune system - The body and its immune system possess great healing potential. imbalance encourages dis-ease
  • http://www.bodiwellness.co.nz/Stress+Management/Bodi+Wellness+Program.html Bodi Balance workplace health - personal development and wellness programs, stay healthy in the workplace, frustration, work life balance

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  • R. Allen - No complaints, and best price is here on Amazon!

    Have two adults around and three hours to assemble this item. Read the directions and don't assume you know anything about what it's supposed to look like....preconceived notions. Don't try to work ahead of the directions or you'll be taking things back apart and doing it again. The assembly is not rocket science, but it's a lot more than opening a box and adding batteries too. There was more work for me in leveling the unit after assembly than the assembly itself. And yes, leveling is pretty important. I suggest digging down in the high sides instead of scotching up the lower sides....much neater and your anchors will work better. And for God's sake, anchor the trampoline to the ground or you'll have yourself a 15' parachute next time a big storm comes through!! I have no regrets or complaints about the trampoline so far. Great outside activity and good exercise.

  • HockeyGuy28 - Good wiring kit

    Good wiring kit. The instructions are less than ideal and fail to identify the possible wiring options available. You could wire one of the power wires to your headlight circuit to work in conjunction with your high or low beams or independently so it works with both. To each his own.

  • vickie prebula - love it

    Everything I have ever got from wish has been wonderful! I would say this is a great app to order anything from. Just keep in mind, all sizes are very small. If you normally get a med. Order large. The shoe sizes are mostly in Europe sizes. The jewels are very nice also. It is mailed at a timely fashion.

  • Kenneth A. Thomas - This Product does not work!

    Doesn't Work, I sprayed the stuff Directly on a live crawling Bedbug and the thing kept right on going.

  • Mrs C. - It really works

    My hair line was retreating fast. I read about the product "Hair Essentials" and I liked that it had DHT blockers so I decided to give it a try. I'm on my second bottle and WOW I have new hair growth and my hair line is coming back! I look forward to seeing how much more this helps my hair in the months to come.

  • Ken Webmaster Truth Facts Net - Microsoft Office Professional 2010

    There is no getting around it, even though I am not a Microsoft fan, any serious dealing with others requires you to have at least Microsoft Word. I also desperately needed a database so the purchase of Microsoft Office Professional 2010 was made. The price was about half of the usual retail, so I think I got a good deal. There are also several other programs included such as Excel, Powerpoint and others.