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Conseil en Accréditation des Laboratoires / Laboratories Accreditation Consulting - Medical Physicist - MEDICAL IMAGING specialist.Consultant in Quality & Risks Management. ****Physicien Médical - spécialiste en IMAGERIE MEDICALE.Consultant en Qualité & Gestion des Risques.

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  • Kat's Reviews - Great gentle wash for my baby!

    When my son was 3 months, he developed ezcema. After trying various washes that claimed to have ezcema relief which only irritated his skin more, after trying Burt's bees baby shampoo, the redness from the ezcema calmed down and it eventually went away after three months. It smells like sweet milk and honey and does not leave the skin dry after baths. We love using it and have not stopped ever since.


    I had applied for a professional career position, and wasn't informed on either of my two interviews that I was going to have to undergo a Drug Screening. I guess I should've expected it, but it wasn't even listed in the Job Ad. When I was accepted, I had to go away on a training program for the job. I was told that I had to take a Urine Test two days before I had to actually take it! Now I only smoke Marijuana, because I'm not a big drinker. I smoke everyday, but only at night to unwind and relax, like someone who would be kicking back a few beers! I took the Ultra Clean pill for the Urine Test, and apparently I drank to much water before the test, because the results came back, as a Diluted Sample, but I didn't test positive for Marijuana. I was then told that I would have to take a Hair Follicle Test while training. When the day came, I rushed from the training center, back to my hotel, to start the Ultra Clean process.

  • James - Pay a middle man to point you to free service... what a scam

    Rabbit TV just gives you software that provides you links to free episodes from the network's website... Mind you free episodes dont always include all episodes so youll be SOL if you wanna follow something from the first season and its not on the netwroks free streaming list. It's a scam...I cant believe they have a yearly fee for this crap...

  • TammieB - While I did find this book very helpful overall, ...

    While I did find this book very helpful overall, I was stunned by the number of errors in it. A guidebook that is designed to help you pass an important entrance exam should be error-free - let alone should not have multiple and sometimes grievous errors! In addition to many, many grammatical errors, the section of the reproductive system included a paragraph describing how a zygote implants itself into the endometrium of the vulva!!! I've never known a zygote to grow there...

  • maya cody - A graasy pleasure...

    When it arrived it was grease all over the place in my mailbox. It had melted on the way here... Besides that, so far so good

  • Andrew A Watts - Thought provoking, but with some big assumptions

    Collins does a great job of displaying the direct results of leadership decisions and character on big business. The book is insightful and well written. There are several assumptions however, for instance: that the reader's desire is to build a big business like Nucor or Walgreens. The book also assumes that the corporate climate of the last 50 or so years will continue into the future. The basic premise of the book seems to be passionate non-diversification. I think this book is helpful but should be balanced with a counter-perspective such as Tom Peters' "Re-imagine." The right answer is likely a little of both.

  • Connie Ades - Bad Attitude Getting Better With Time

    We are about half way through the program and are still making adjustments to our son's behavior and attitude. Though it is slow in changing, the program has actually shown us, as parents, not so much as what we're doing wrong but trying things from a new perspective. We've noticed several things that we were doing that needed tweaked, and that helped us to understand why are son goes off at times. We also found that there was a lot more negotiating and emotional blackmail going on than we thought. So, with some of the tools we've learned so far, we don't fall into those traps, and are able to take control of the situation at hand before it escalates. It was definitely worth the time and money invested.