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  • Amazon Customer - Installed second version because it was cheaper than buying second ...

    Installed second version because it was cheaper than buying second state, but program won't let me download my "free" state software for the state I need. CSA was not helpful AT ALL!

  • Sharon B. Smith - Pilates Pro Gym

    I like my Pilates Pro Gym, use it daily. I did expect any repairs would have been done with new replacement parts but it was obviously repaired--a connection knob was glued back together. If I had the purchase to do over, I would have spent more for a new gym but have always had excellent experiences with manufacturers remanufactured models. The gym must have had a difficult journey since the box was arrived in very poor condition, I strongly suggest the company package their product better.

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't work

    I bought this item due to the amazing review it was giving. After almost a month of use, I had not notice any difference on my hair, skin or nails.

  • James W. Dixon - Good initial value and an ASSEMBLY TIP

    I buy a lot of things from Amazon, but I actually bought this exact product locally. That being said, here is my initial review and advice:

  • Mary A. Veney - Love them!

    My Husband and I both take them and we are both getting rid of some fat. I am serious! With both of us disabled it is hard to get much exercise and of course we have allowed the junk food junkies into our lives to eat . The Lipozene really does help! ALOT! We are both losing a couple pounds a week. Serious....try it...you'll love it!!

  • Paul J. Hodge - Halfway there

    Disappointing. I was assured by the Tobin's Facebook page representative that this new version had been updated and all the errors had been corrected. They most assuredly have not. It's a great conversation piece for the fan events, and the info on the various spirits is fun, but it's poorly edited. And quite frankly, Dr. Egon Spengler, who said print is dead, would NOT advise you to go to the library.