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Eyesight Symptoms After Concussion or other Brain Injury, including Blurred Blurry or Double Vision, Eye Fatigue, Headaches, Post-Traumatic Vision Syndrome, etc. - Symptoms: Eyesight Vision Problems resulting from Concussions and other TBI Traumatic Brain Injury. Articles by eye doctors.

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  • Harley 1820 - Definitely works your abs!

    Just got my simply fit board. I have the green board and it feels substantial. My husband is using it as well. It's too soon to say whether or not I'm losing inches but it does feel like a good workout and I'm starting in 15 minutes a day and will see how it goes. I mostly feel the work out in my legs and my abdominals. It's very portable and I hang it in the closet after I'm through with it which is very convenient and space saving.

  • Matt Weintrub - Best for bedheads

    Since using the Nufabrx pillowcase, I feel like my pillowcase is less dirty and it smells better than a normal pillowcase. I really hope they start making a full set of sheets.

  • Retired and Loving It - Reduced total by one digit!

    The product installed all the updates. After entering the information, my refund looked enormous. I rechecked my entries and they were accurate. Then I noticed that only 10 percent of my income was in the total income line. I could do nothing!

  • Brian Pfeil - Works great!

    I have had this unit in all kinds of weather and has worked great in every situation. Very rugged and works in high wind areas. I have used it in 40+ MPH winds. Very good unit

  • Engineer - Going Backwards

    It is unfortunate that the 2010 release is so difficult to navigate and has so many changes with respect to the 2002 release. The learning curve is very steep and it is a complete waste of time for those of us who use the program for every day word processing. I cannot imagine that Microsoft would not consider the work related impacts and lose of productivity that this would cause. To say the least, I am very disappointed in this product.

  • mrmawg - Reivew of Martin Zucker book "EARTHING"

    The copy of the book that is my personal copy arrived in superb condition and after being on order for lesst than two weeks. I immediately began to deploy some of the "grounding / earthing" recommendations in my own daily routines and the results have been truly remarkable. I intend to purchase many more copies of this book for distribution to my friends, relatives and other acquaintences who I know will benefit from possession of this awesome knowledge. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart Amazon for providing me a very cost effective way to obtain this knowledge for my friends.