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  • Meerkat - It sounded like a good idea...

    I pre-ordered Moov NOW when it first became available and seriously anticipated it's release. When I received it, there were a few glitches in getting it to sync with my phone, but I got it to work so I figured no harm, no foul. Unfortunately, there were issues with the receiver not staying in the wristband. I caught it on my desk at work once and again next to me on the couch at home. I started wearing the wristband tighter so there might be less likelihood of the receiver slipping out of the band, but apparently that did not help. Now, less than two weeks after receiving it, the receiver has managed to liberate itself from the band and this time I have no idea where it got to. I really wanted to like this tracker, but if it's so delicate that the receiver doesn't stay inside the wristband when there's any type of movement, it doesn't do me any good. It's supposed to be a convenience, not something that requires constant vigilance to make certain it's still where it's supposed to be.

  • Highly recommended - Highly recommended

    With so many companies struggling today, good to great is an outstanding book to show the way to growth...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Garrett Parker - So dissapointed

    This movie was so disappointing I can't even begin to explain. I went into it without any bias and the bottom line is it is just a bad movie.

  • anoneemus - Worked Like a Smelly Charm

    I was very skeptical before using this product, as I've used other color removers before. Previous products I've tried have left my hair very brittle, dry, and various shades of peach (none of which are desirable). My hair was most recently supposed to be a warm dark brown, but the end result was black. Black black. I tried to reason with the darkness for a while, but decided I couldn't live with it any longer. I got Color Oops and a box of medium-light brown color to use after Color Oops. Here goes nothing, I thought.

  • Anthony Calderon - Pretty much a better G502

    Pretty much a better G502. Run it wired or wireless, even a CS:GO pro wouldn't notice the difference. Even in wireless mode, its input latency is less than that of most wired gaming mice (yes, in wireless it has less delay than the wired Razer Deathadder). It's lighter than the G502, but still has the best sensor on the market and the best feeling clicks you will ever come across.