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  • Kim F - Love this brand!!

    We are thrilled with this brand of protein shakes, so glad to have finally found a winner. No other shake mix dissolves so well in water and tastes so good. Great flavor, like a light chocolate floavor. Choc & Peanut butter is also good but heavier on the chocolate side than the Cookies and Cream. Will be ordering again!

  • Amazon Customer - Evelyn, After: a Novel

    Wow! This book packs a surprising punch. At times I wasn't sure who was crazy. But it DID all sort out. More sex scenes than I like in a story. It was hard to put down and get back to my own life. It was a

  • Arreana R. Surrell - Terrific

    The program gives lots of short video clips which guide you through every step from very basic to fairly complex actions. I haven't been able to load it and the clips are not in the correct order...meaning I have to go to explorer to bring up the clip I want next if I'm watching them in order. That's why I gave it four stars. It really is very comprehensive and very easy to follow.

  • Savvy Buyer - No Science - No Proof - Just Another "antiaging" product

    It is abundantly clear that the reviews are being written by Jeunesse Distributors. When you include your email in a review, I am dubious regarding your overwhelming results regarding the product. You are trying to sell the product of course you love it. Buyer Beware - This a very expensive product that does not work (I've tried it, bought it from a friend).