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  • Roshan - Out with the Queen, in with the Boss

    If you were hoping that Joanne would be a return of She-Of-The-Meat-Dress then you’re going to be disappointed. However, neither is this a continuation of her bizarre posturing for the confidence of record-buying seniors. Instead, the impression which Joanne evokes is one of the person behind the persona. Glimpses of this have been caught before on tracks like Speechless and Dope but they’ve more often than not been lost among the confetti. On Joanne there’s no place to hide; she’s placed the parts of herself that casual fans overlook, confrontationally, in the centre.

  • Torrey Jones - Won't use anything else, light weight and not greasy.

    I have long thick hair that I straighten and blow dry everyday. This product is a life saver on helping prevent damage to the ends of my hair. I have used this now for about 5 years and have tried other brands and still go back to this. Its light weight and doesn't weigh my hair down or leave it greasy feeling.

  • Kim Bass - Terrible quality...

    Great idea, terrible quality. I ordered one of these for my 3 year old son. My 5 year old has a similar product but this was cuter for his room and easier for him to see from a far. The first one came, plugged it in, set the time, set the alarm then turned "on" the alarm at bed time so the red light was on until the alarm was set for the morning at 6:45 and was supposed to turn green. He came in our room around 7:00 and we thought "Great! It worked." I asked him if the clock was green and he said "No". I thought he was just goofing around. I went in his room, the whole thing was dead. No power whatsoever. I tried it in a different outlet and still nothing. I put batteries in which the directions said were "optional". Nothing. I ordered another one. Came a few days later, tried the same plug from the first one, it worked! Made me feel it wasn't the plug. I took the new one and new plug out, set it up, boxed up the old one and sent it back. I figured I should test the new one. Set the time, set the alarm for 2 minutes and waited. 2 minutes go by, red light goes off, green light does not come on! The green light was broken! I tried a few more times as well as letting it go overnight and the green light 100% did not work. At least this one still had power in the morning but it was useless since the green light didn't work. I ordered a new one. Boxed up the old one sent it back. New one arrived a few days later, tested the red and green lights. Both worked! Set it up in his room, plugged it in, put batteries in it just in case and waited for morning. He came busting in our room at 5:30 and I told him to go back and wait until the red light goes off and the green light comes on. He said the red light was off. I went in the room, it was dead. Again, I tried different outlets and nothing. Went to their website and called and e-mailed. No response. Returning it and going with the "Teach me Time" clock since it has worked for my daughter for 2 years without an issue.