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BUBO Listing - World Bird Listing - BUBO is World Bird Listing. The fun system to record, share and compare your bird lists for any location worldwide using the most accurate checklists available.

  • http://www.bubo.org/Listing/view-all-lists.html View All Lists | Listing | Listing - BUBO Listing lets you view birders lists from any location worldwide, including year lists, self-found lists etc.
  • http://www.bubo.org/Checklists/ Checklists - BUBO Listing - World Bird Listing. Record, share and compare your bird lists for any location worldwide using the most accurate checklists available
  • http://www.bubo.org/Instructions/viewing-my-lists.html Viewing My Lists | Instructions - BUBO Listing instructions for viewing lists, and downloading lists or target species
  • http://www.bubo.org/Instructions/comparing-lists.html Comparing Lists | Instructions - BUBO Listing instructions: how to compare lists. View list rankings for a region (e.g. country, site), time period (life or year) etc.
  • http://www.bubo.org/Instructions/querying-by-species.html Querying By Species | Instructions - BUBO Listing instructions: search for a species on a list and see blockers, i.e. species recorded by the least number of listers
  • http://www.bubo.org/about-bubo-listing.html About BUBO Listing | BUBO Listing News | News - BUBO Listing is a new and fun approach to recording bird lists, enabling users to share and compare lists for anywhere in the world with other listers
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  • Amazon Customer - I recommend getting season one thru season ten

    You may not need McDreamy or you may not need Christina but with both gone the show is bare. The Dr.s that remain are sophomoric. The show is currently two dimensional. I recommend getting season one thru season ten. Grey's Anatomy was iconic was being the operative word

  • Suresh - 2015 ver is not good.

    using kaspersky for almost 7 years in my laptops and PC. Having some issue with 2015 ver... it takes at least 2 mins for update\rootkit scan from boot up in Win 7 before I can click on any icons in desktop. Never had any problem with 2014 ver. Similar it doesn't work well with firefox browser (which is my fav browser) and stopped using it because of this. Not sure if I'm the only one having this issue...

  • Joseph K. Naneville - May Not Fix Every Leak

    I have a 1994 Hyundai Scoupe that I use for short trips around town and back and forth to work. My old friend sprung a leak from the rear main seal that was DRAINING oil at approximately a quart in 15-20 minutes with the car running. I took it to a garage and they wanted more money to fix it than the car is worth. The first day I used AT-205 and ran the car for an hour and a half the leak stopped. However, the next time I started the car to run it for a another hour or so the leaked returned so it appears that AT-205 was only a short term fix. The bottle says it takes 5 hours to seal a rear main leak so I may run it for another hour or two and see what happens. All in all, it's still worth $10 to try as long as you buy it with the understanding that it is not going to fix a completely damaged or crumbled seal. I may take another reviewers advice and try a second bottle since the leak did stop after the first bottle but later returned.

  • Elmo - The DHEA Breakthrough

    The author has done research on DHEA for years. He is a medical doctor and has made this his niche, He stresses diet and exercise to a great extint. After reading the book, I began to wonder if the diet and exercise would be just as successful to solving the health problems mentioned without the DHEA. I am still not convinced that DHEA is more than just a dietary supplement that alternative health stores are using as another miracle break through drug to keep the cash registers jingling. If it is so great why hasn't there been major testing by major drug companies. I would like to see some factual, verified results from real research. You can search the internet, and come up with the same info that this book has. It just won't sound as convincing this doctor would lead us to believe.

  • Little Quilter - Great buy

    Came just in time for the new project I was starting. I didn't realize how bad my other mat was until I used this one. My old one was about ten years old and ready to be replaced. I now realize that I didn't need to change my rotary blade after all....it cut just fine on my new mat. GREAT BUY

  • Toothsquatch - Lots of fun

    Great game, knocked down a star cause it needs a little more variety of songs. Has a lot of cool and fun songs, but not as many from the time as we would have thought. Still fun, and one person can karaoke too.