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Residential Care Homes UK | Adult And Child Care Home | CareTech – CareTech Holdings PLC - CareTech runs a large number of established residential care homes in the UK. Our adult and child care homes cater to a huge range of needs and offer invaluable support and development

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  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/investors.aspx Investors – CareTech Holdings PLC - These pages give current and potential investors in CareTech Holdings PLC financial and statutory information about the Group since it came to market. About CareTech CareTech Holdings plc is a
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  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/site-services/contact-us.aspx Contact us – CareTech Holdings PLC - You can write to us, phone, email or fax us using the contacts below: Head office CareTech Community Services 5th Floor Metropolitan House 3 Darkes Lane Potters Bar EN6 1AG
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/site-services/find-caretech.aspx Find CareTech – CareTech Holdings PLC - Introducing CareTech as an employer and presenting what the culture means covering employment principles, career development etc.
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-adults.aspx Solutions for Adults – CareTech Holdings PLC - Our team works with adults, their families and carers to provide the right solutions for them. Our range of support aims to build brighter futures for people with physical and learning disabilities, autism, mental health issues, acquired brain injuries, nursing and intensive care and complex needs.
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-adults/my-needs/learning-disability.aspx Learning Disability Care Home | Adult Care | CareTech UK – CareTech Holdings PLC - A large proportion of UK residents have learning disabilities. CareTech's learning disability support care homes offer high quality adult care and assistance.
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-adults/caretech-solutions/transition-services.aspx Transition services – CareTech Holdings PLC - Our transition services have been designed for young people aged between 18-25 who may have lived in residential schools or residential care services and who aspire to have a place
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-adults/companies-for-adults/uplands.aspx Uplands – CareTech Holdings PLC - We have a professional, multi-disciplinary mental health team who work closely to achieve and maintain the mental and physical well-being of every individual. We are dedicated to treating residents with
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-children-and-young-people.aspx Child Care Home | Residental Care For Children And Young People – CareTech Holdings PLC - We run child care homes across the UK. We specialize in providing residential care for children and young people with a large range of needs.
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-children-and-young-people/my-needs/learning-disability.aspx Learning Disability Care For Children | Child Care Home | CareTech Uk – CareTech Holdings PLC - CareTech UK specialises in learning disability care for children. We run child care homes all across the country.
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-children-and-young-people/caretech-solutions/residential-support.aspx Residential Child Care | Residential Care For Children | CareTech UK – CareTech Holdings PLC - CareTech UK offer high quality residential care for children. Please call us on 01707 601 800 if you have any queries about our residential child care services.
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/solutions-for-children-and-young-people/companies-for-children-and-young-people/linx.aspx Linxcare – CareTech Holdings PLC - We focus on building young people’s confidence, encouraging them to discover new skills and interests. Friendly staff support individuals, involving them and their families with the assurance that help is
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/successful-outcomes.aspx Successful Outcomes – CareTech Holdings PLC - Our first class team of advisors can help you find the right support to meet your need, covering both Adult and Child services. We operate across the UK, with services
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/successful-outcomes/talk-to-us.aspx Talk to us – CareTech Holdings PLC - If you would like more information about a case study or would like us to get in touch with you, please fill out the form below. Personal details
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/jobs.aspx Careers with CareTech – CareTech Holdings PLC - CareTech serves a wide range of people who need care and support to live their lives; this means that the choice of career paths is quite wide. We are involved
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/jobs/working-for-us.aspx Working for us – CareTech Holdings PLC - The CareTech Group is dedicated to providing a range of care services for people who need support. We place great value on the commitment and loyalty of our employees and
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/jobs/benefits-working.aspx Benefits of working for us – CareTech Holdings PLC - Working in an environment where you can make a real difference to people’s lives can be a reward in itself, ask any of the two million people currently employed in
  • http://www.caretech-uk.com/jobs/vacancies-contact.aspx Contact us – CareTech Holdings PLC - CareTech is a values based employer , who hold personalization at the very core of everything we do, we welcome applications from individuals with the same values CareTech are offering
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