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  • Trevor Vance - May cause feminine magnetism.

    This shoes are my new favorite. I have wore them once but the slew of women that mauled me because of how nice my shoes are put me in the hospital. But I can't wait until I get out and get my two leg casts off from the same hoard attack so continue to look like the flyest dude in town.

  • Kimberly J. Wettlaufer - Best Program Around!

    I have been researching my family history for over 30 years and when I got this program it opened many doors to family that I never knew existed!

  • L. G. Velez - Great!!!

    It's a great toy. A bit difficult to inflate and deflate, specially if your boat is not too big. Maybe it would be good to have a mechanism for towing. But overall great fun.

  • Courtney Schulman - Love this game

    Love this game. I use it at work to work on motor planning, imitating body positions, timing, sequencing, following directions, visual attention.

  • slowjin - and feels comfortable with good ventilation

    Use these for both spinning and road biking, and feels comfortable with good ventilation. Great value and quality and comfort for wide feet.

  • Gigi - Very helpful

    I just took the GRE and got good scores- this book was a huge help. It breaks down how the test works and has good tips. I used it in conjunction with other books; I don't think it would have sufficed on its own. It clearly explained everything and gave me a better understanding how the GRE really works. My only complaint was that there was a section for new sentence completion questions- those questions are not yet on the test so I wish I had not spent the time studying for them. They DID show up on the experimental test at the end, so I assume they will be appearing on the actual test at some point.