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Gap Year Programs - Carpe Diem Education - Study Abroad - The national leader in Gap Years and experiential education, Carpe Diem Education offers students holistic, challenging, and valuable gap year programs.

  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/why-carpe-diem/ Why Choose Us For Gap Year and Study Abroad Programs - Learn why Carpe Diem Education offers the best Gap Year and study abroad programs available! Not all student travel programs are created equal, AGA accredited...
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/student/ Info for Gap Year Students - Carpe Diem Education - You may be asking yourself: "Should I take a gap year?" Read information for Gap Year students, then get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/parent/ Parent Information - Carpe Diem Education - Gap year information for parents. Learn about our safety standards, our unique approach to travel abroad programs, and our commitment to student growth.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/educator/ Educator Information - Carpe Diem Education - As an educator, you can encourage and empower your students to take a gap year WITH COLLEGE CREDIT. Find out more about our unique approach to experiential education
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/apply-now/ Apply for Gap Year Programs - Carpe Diem Education - Apply for our spring and fall 2016 gap year programs with Carpe Diem Education. Explore the world, different cultures, and yourself. Leave your comfort zone behind...
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/about/ About Us - Mission & Values - Carpe Diem Education Staff - An introduction to the Carpe Diem's mission, vision, and values, as well as our international community, our Portland staff, and our overseas educators.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/about/staff/ Our Portland Staff | Carpe Diem Education - Meet our heart-centered Portland staff: program directors, administrative team, and executive team members. Get to know our team at Headquarters.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/about/educators/ Field Staff | Overseas Educators | Carpe Diem Education - Get to know the Carpe Diem Education field staff members! Our Overseas Educators are the best study abroad program leaders. Learn more and meet the team.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/employment/ Employment | Work With Us | Carpe Diem Education - Learn about job openings at Carpe Diem Education; become an international educator and lead study abroad programs. Current employment opportunities.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/ Gap Year Programs - Carpe Diem Education - Study Abroad - Find gap year programs around the world! Travel to Central & South America, East Africa, India, South Pacific, or Southeast Asia with Carpe Diem Education.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/curriculum/ Experiential Education Curriculum | Carpe Diem Education - Carpe Diem Education's unique gap year program curriculum combines service learning, experiential education, and college courses, all while traveling abroad.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/latitudes-year/ Gap Year Programs | Latitudes | Carpe Diem Education - Take a gap year before college! Learn about Carpe Diem Education's Latitudes gap year programs, focused on volunteering, language learning, & adventure travel.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/central-america/ Gap Year Programs in Central America | Carpe Diem Education - Adventure travel in Central America with Spanish language classes, homestays, & volunteering. Carpe Diem Education gap year programs in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, & Guatemala.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/east-africa/ Gap Year Programs in East Africa | Carpe Diem Education - Adventure travel in East Africa with Kiswahili language classes, homestays, & volunteering. Carpe Diem Education gap year programs in Rwanda, Uganda, & Tanzania.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/india/ Gap Year Programs in India | Carpe Diem Education - Adventure travel in India with homestays, spiritual retreats, & volunteering. Gap year programs with Carpe Diem Education in India.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/indigenous-america/ Gap Year Programs in USA | Indigenous Americas | Carpe Diem Education - Adventure travel in Indigenous America with homestays, spiritual retreats, & volunteering. Carpe Diem Education gap year programs in USA & Mexico.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/south-america/ Gap Year Programs in South America | Carpe Diem Education - Adventure travel in South America with Spanish language classes, homestays, & volunteering. Gap year programs with Carpe Diem Education in Peru & Ecuador.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/south-pacific/ Gap Year in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji | South Pacific | Carpe Diem Education - Adventure travel in the South Pacific with homestays, hiking, & conservation volunteering. Carpe Diem Education gap year programs in Australia, New Zealand, & Fiji.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/programs/southeast-asia/ Gap Year Programs in Southeast Asia | Carpe Diem Education - Adventure travel in Southeast Asia with Thai language classes, homestays, & volunteering. Carpe Diem Education gap year programs in Thailand, Cambodia, & Vietnam.
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/college-credit/ Gap Year Program College Credit - Carpe Diem Education - Carpe Diem Education, a fully accredited Gap Year program allows you to receive a full semester of college credit through our diverse and unique course offerings...
  • https://www.carpediemeducation.org/financial-aid/ Financial Aid for Gap Years | Scholarships | Carpe Diem Education - Receive scholarships and financial aid for gap years with Carpe Diem Education. Get help paying for your gap year abroad.

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  • Allison F. - Perfect for the 2015 Sport 4x4

    Love this! My husband installed these in the car this morning (grumbling about how weird it is the dealership doesn't give them to you when you buy a new car anymore) and did it in about five minutes. The holes on the front mats clicked right in, and everything fits perfectly.

  • B. Sigurdson - Fantastic bag for business use!

    This bag is great! Previously I have owned two standard timbuck2 messenger bags and needed to upgrade to something more professional, this is it! The numerous pockets are great. Especially the napolean pocket in front and the cell phone pocket on the flap, although what I get the most use out of is the exterior pocket for the tablet. I use it for a hard copy day planner that I carry for jotting down notes. The hooks work great as well. I use the velcro silencers and hooks to close it most of the time for commuting. The strap is also dramatically improved over the standard messenger. The spinners located at both ends prevent the strap from getting tangled up. I work in Washington DC and commute daily, this bag is just perfect. I cannot say enough good things about it. Thank goodness they added the water bottle pocket. it took some searching on Amazon to find a 12 ounce water bottle that would comfortably fit, but once i did the mission is complete. I've researched many messenger bags and this is clearly the best one available.

  • Sabrina - Loved it

    I love the Lucas Davenport books but Virgil is by far my favorite. Fast paced and suspenseful, John Sanford always delivers a great story . Highly recommend

  • bar08 - opens up pores but...

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