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  • Super User - Find an alternative - Stay away from this bloated, buggy, non-serious pile of fluff

    I have been a Quicken user since the 90’s and have suffered “upgrades” all along the way to retain broker-download ability, etc., but this release is the worst of them all – A total embarrassment for Intuit that I think puts a stain on their brand. I have used TurboTax in the past as well but have moved away from it for similar reasons.


    It works very well with the tax software as guidelines for credits and deductions. Good resource for tax questions. Has lots of examples.

  • A. M. Edwards - Useful but not my favorite.

    I really love my BOB stroller and the fact that i can use a baby stroller. However. I dislike that the tray doesn't lift away for easily getting an older child into the seat. I have to lift my son over this holder to get him in. I have to use this piece in order to use the carseat. Not my favorite.

  • ChuckW - Good Personal, Bad Business

    I have used HR Block software for personal returns for a number of years and am very happy with it. I purchased 2012 Premium+Business this year so I could also do my small corporate return, which is where the problem occurs. HR Block has very deceptively written all copy for this product to make it sound like the business returns work pretty much like the personal, with e-file available at extra charge. After receiving the software, I found a buried microprint footnote on the bottom of the box that made me unsure about e-file availability. A call to Block confirmed that NO business returns prepared with this software can be e-filed. In Virginia (and probably some other states), business returns are REQUIRED to be e-filed, so this software is totally unusable.

  • AykonSilvers - Great way to teach young ones when to get up.

    We bought this to help sleep train our 4 year old boys. It's a neat idea for children who can't tell time just yet. Although it has not magically made my children ALWAYS stay in their room until it's time to get up, it has made it easier. A common question in our house in the morning is "Is your light green?" If my sons say 'No' then they also know they are supposed to go back to bed. It's much easier than asking my sons what time it is.