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Celtic Hospice and Home Health | Innovative Healthcare at Home - Celtic Healthcare is the leading home healthcare and hospice provider in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland and serves eastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

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  • Linda Edwards - Very BAD Reaction!!!

    I don't know exactly what caused such severe muscle pain, but after only 5 days on this program, I had to quit. I could have sucked up the headaches and the severe bloating, but the muscle pain was intolerable. I was actually pacing! If I have to take pain killers, what's the sense of the cleanse? Plus, just as a side note, the first 2 days I had severe heartburn and actually puked. 30 pills a day people! That's just gross. I'm going back to doing a natural food cleanse. Those are EASY and, uh NATURAL!

  • GT_Fan - Good after-market option

    The product is good and would buy it again. Assembly is easy and went on 2006 Odyssey quickly. The bars would be improved if the screws on the bottom of the bars (used to hold mounting brackets in place) were recessed. All in all they are a good buy.

  • Mr. Smith - Works!

    Really cool, nicely made! This does work but I can't do it everyday. If the gel touches my gum it makes it whilte (temporary), and makes it really sensetive, so the next time I use it I can barely stand a minute. So, I try to do it maybe twice a week. It takes longer but it does work! I received a discount for this product in order to share my review. The discount did not effect my review whatsoever.

  • Saul Lapidus - Great Bed!

    The bed is great. It easily supports myself, my wife and our kids (when they come and join us). I would definitely get it again.