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The Center for Endometriosis Care, a COEMIG-designated Center of Excellence | Advanced Laparoendoscopic Excision - The center was founded to diagnose, treat, and educate women with endometriosis via gold standard Laparoscopic Excision. Free literature and a quarterly

  • http://www.centerforendometriosiscare.com/understanding-endometriosis/ Endometriosis: Understanding a Complex Disease | Center for Endometriosis Care | a COEMIG-Designated Center of Excellence - Leading treatment center for painful endometriosis offers update on the latest information about the disease.
  • http://www.centerforendometriosiscare.com/dr-ken-sinervo-appointed-vice-chair-of-the-aagl-endosig-as-member-of-coemig-standards-committee/ Dr. Ken Sinervo Appointed as EndoSIG Vice Chair & Member of COEMIG Standards Panel | Center for Endometriosis Care | a COEMIG-Designated Center of Excellence - Dr. Ken Sinervo is the newly-elected Vice Chairman of the AAGL Endometriosis & Reproductive Surgery Special Interest Group. Dr Sinervo was also recently
  • http://www.centerforendometriosiscare.com/endometriosis-the-hidden-suffering-of-millions-of-women-revealed/ Endometriosis: the hidden suffering of millions revealed | Center for Endometriosis Care | a COEMIG-Designated Center of Excellence - Often dismissed as ‘women’s troubles’, endometriosis affects 1 woman in 10 of reproductive age, yet a lack of research and funding means sufferers can live in
  • http://www.centerforendometriosiscare.com/preparing-for-pelvic-physical-therapy-by-dr-sallie-sarrel-pt-atc-dpt-2/ Preparing for Pelvic Physical Therapy by Dr. Sallie Sarrel | Center for Endometriosis Care | a COEMIG-Designated Center of Excellence - Pelvic Health Physical Therapists are members of the team that treat the many causes of pain for the woman with endometriosis.
  • http://www.centerforendometriosiscare.com/help-distribute-some-dignity/ Help Distribute Some Dignity | Center for Endometriosis Care | a COEMIG-Designated Center of Excellence - After chatting with a patient about 'what to do' with her inventory of unopened pads and tampons she'd be 'stuck with' following hysterectomy, the answer came

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  • JoAnn S. Wilkes - Learning tool

    This is a great learning tool for advanced beginners and intermediate Office users. Our clients are getting ready for the work place and need these skills.

  • Celeste - Ok book

    The book got here in an acceptable period of time. However, I am very disappointed with the content of the book. It is all about questions and not reviews. I really didn't like it.

  • B. Westlake - Quality product that works as described, quite refreshing!

    The item works as described. It is made of quality plastic, not the latest cheapo plastic that breaks when you look at it. Item is a bit noisy, but what do you expect for something that is using simple technology to quickly cool your beverage of choice. Simple and easy to use and maintain. Bravo Cooper Cooler.

  • T. J. Dacey - Norton has made a great product for mutiple devices

    Norton is good again! I needed a solid AV/SW/AS product and this fit the bill across platforms (mac and windows, i and android phones as well) and has done an excellent job of protecting our systems