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Chlorhexidine Facts: Home - Chlorhexidine is an ideal broad‐spectrum antimicrobial agent. It is effective against gram-positive bacteria, gram‐negative bacteria and fungi.

  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/the-molecule.html Chlorhexidine Facts: The Molecule - Chlorhexidine is characterized as being a strong base with cationic properties. It is available in both “free base” and stable salt forms, with a white or yellowish appearance.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/mechanism-of-action.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Mechanism of Action - Chlorhexidine is a broad‐spectrum biocide effective against gram‐positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria and fungi.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/applications.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Applications - Chlorhexidine's wide application is due to its broad‐spectrum efficacy, safety side effect profile, substantivity for the skin and low irritation.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/history-of-chlorhexidine.html Chlorhexidine Facts: History of Chlorhexidine - Chlorhexidine has been in use for almost 60 years and has been applied to more than 60 pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/resistance.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Resistance - To date there are no reports of a chlorhexidine‐resistant strain of bacteria or fungus in the clinical setting despite its use in the healthcare setting for almost 60 years.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/antibiotics.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Antibiotics - Antibiotics are highly specific and they only work against a class of organisms because they target specific genes of the microbes. Therefore, patients might need different types or different amounts of antibiotics depending on the type of bacteria causing health issues.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/povidone.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Povidone-Iodine - Povidone‐iodine (PVP‐I) is a stable chemical complex of polyvinylpyrrolidone (povidone, PVP) and elemental iodine. PVP‐I is completely soluble in cold water, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol and glycerol.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/alcohol.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Alcohol - The generic term alcohol as an antimicrobial can refer to isopropol alcohol, ethyl alcohol or propanol. Alcohol has shown great in vitro efficacy against gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria (including multidrug-resistant pathogens such as MRSA and VRE) and fungi.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/silver.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Silver - Silver is a heavy metal with a long history of medical and public health use. Dating back 6,000 years, in various countries silver has been known to be used for wound healing.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/standards-of-care.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Standards of Care - Chlorhexidine has been proven to be the standard of care for many infection prevention applications due to its efficacy, safety, and longer duration. In fact, many organizations recommend the use of chlorhexidine for certain applications based of the overwhelming evidence.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/antimicrobial-stewardship.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Antimicrobial Stewardship - In a world where antibiotics and antimicrobials show decreasing effectiveness, chlorhexidine is an ideal antimicrobial due to its broad spectrum of activity, long‐lasting duration and lack of demonstrated antimicrobial resistance in a clinical setting.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/learn-more.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Learn More - Want to learn more about chlorhexidine's role in healthcare? View the archieved webinars here.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/partners-network.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Partners Network - The Chlorhexidine Partners Network was created by organizations to support chlorhexidine as an infection prevention molecule. The network’s mission is to improve patient care and outcomes by leveraging the benefits of chlorhexidine.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/arrow-cvc.html Chlorhexidine Facts: ARROW® CVC with ARROWg+ard® Technology - ARROWg+ard is an antimicrobial solution of chlorhexidine and silver sulfadiazine. ARROWg+ard Blue PLUS® catheters are protected both inside and out, including the extension lines and hubs.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/arrow-picc.html Chlorhexidine Facts: ARROW® PICC with Chlorag+ard® Technology - ARROW® PICC with Chlorag+ard® is the world’s first pressure injectable PICC that offers both antimicrobial and antithrombogenic protection for at least 30 days.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/prevantics.html Chlorhexidine Facts: : Prevantics™ Skin Antiseptics - If you are looking for Chlorhexidine be sure to find out about Uhe. We have all the ingredients for your success.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/invision-plus-cs.html Chlorhexidine Facts: InVision-Plus CS® with Chlorhexidine+Silver Ion Engineering - The InVision-Plus CS is the only needleless IV connector to offer the combined antibacterial protection of chlorhexidine and silver – providing a septum that is impregnated with chlorhexidine and silver ions, and a silver-impregnated fluid pathway. This antibacterial protection encompasses both the fluid spike and the catheter hub.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/sage-chg.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Sage® 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Cloths - Sage 2% CHG Cloths address multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs) on the patients' skin ‐ a known risk factor for SSIs.1 Sage's innovative rinse‐free, alcohol‐free formula is designed for early preop prep. It stays on the skin for maximum persistence. The cloth consistently delivers a uniform dose of CHG, unlike other soaps and solutions.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/consumer-information.html Chlorhexidine Facts: Consumer Information - Chlorhexidine would fall into a similar category of antiseptic agents such as bleach. Unlike bleach, chlorhexidine is safe to user on the skin and other bodily surfaces.
  • http://www.chlorhexidinefacts.com/news-reports.html Chlorhexidine Facts: News - Find out more about updates about the Chlorhexidine Partners Network. Let us keep you up-to-date on new partners and education.

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