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  • edward bogdan - Enjoyable Tripping

    I enjoyed this book for two reasons. The 1st, entirety selfish on my part was to gain more insight into completion of my 1st book of short stories. I now feel more prepared to edit my first four stories of fictionalized personal travel in Latin America in the 1970s. The 2nd is the sheer enjoyment of reading a good story. This book gave me that opportunity time after time. It also gave the needed kick in the pants to start my 5th, and probably last short story for compilation into my "first book."

  • Barb C - I love Flexitol Heel Balm

    I love Flexitol Heel Balm. It is the best product I've found in my 60 years of trying different heel products. In the winter, if I don't use it, my heels will crack/ split open. Those splits are very painful when walking. Flexitol Heel Balm will soften the tough calloused skin and heal up the split quickly. I also use it on my fingers. I am a nurse and wash my hands A LOT! I'll often develop a split on my finger tip hear at the side of the nail. I apply the Flexitol to my hands and the split on my finger at night and when I can durning the day. It helps heal the split on my finger tips and helps my hands recover from so much hand washing.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic swries

    I just love this universe as it's full of space battle actions and grand overview of politics. Characters are well developed and very engaging! Please keep writing in this universe! :)

  • Luis Diego Ramirez Wong - Excelent

    Not as good as a Zhanchi or a Fangshi but is very good and part of my V-Cube White Pillowed Collectión ;)

  • Gorgeous LaRue - It Is as Superb as It Can Get!

    It is important that you clean your colon. Only one thing-I can NOT take 8 of those pills! Four is enough-but it gets the job done! I only wish that it could flatten this big ol'stomach of mine-that is not cute at all! But I rate this 5-star because this is as superb as it can get! Thank you for the fast service-I got the package, only I had to wait a day late thanks to the carrier not placing it in the office because the people there decided that they were going to feed their faces! Even though these vitamins are a bit pricey, they are economical for the pocketbook-480 pills in one big bottle? Man-you can't beat that folks!