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CINASE 2016 - O congresso CINASE – Circuito Nacional do Setor Elétrico é um evento técnico que vai organizar uma viagem pelo mundo das instalações elétricas.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

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    The first time I used this product I was very Ignorant and had smoked the day before my test. I had thought that this should come out negative no matter what so I should be fine. I drank this the day after on the day of my test and cam out positive...not to mention I had to make a quick stop at Walmart to buy a new pair of pants, due to a bowel movement I had in the car on my way to the facility.

  • Gino Farrentino - MMMMM Fresh Ground Coffee !

    This is a fair place to start for a "Burr" grinder, it won't break your grinder budget, however it is noisy and it has to be handled carefully as it spreads Coffee dust through just routine use...opening and closing the coffee bin...it makes a lot of ultra fine coffee dust. I have learned to make it work for us but it could stand some real world refinements and then it will cost much more. I have owned very pricey Burr Grinders made in Italy...they know a thing or two about Burr Grinders. But I also had a "Blade" type...those are much better suited as a "Spice Grinder"...so forget that. This little machine will work for you...you just need to practice a bit. So...little money spent will get you a type of Burr machine which will work for you till you can fork over bigger $$$$ for a pro machine...this machine is not a Pro...But it works just fine within those parameter's...I get a grind I can deal with. Have fun...make some Coffee !

  • Jessica Blanchard - I loved it. The only thing that I noticed is ...

    I loved it. The only thing that I noticed is that Nightmare by Set It Off isn't actually on the CD. The song that is in its place is Kill The Lights by Set It Off. Besides that it is amazing.