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Injured by Negligence? |Edgar Law Firm’s Santa Rosa Injury Lawyers Fight Back - At Edgar Law Firm, our experienced Santa Rosa injury attorneys recognize that a serious injury can have a significant impact on your life.

  • http://www.classattorneys.com/about.html About Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyers|Helping Sonoma County Fight Negligence - Our Santa Rosa class action lawyers have over 30 years of experience between them to help you recover from your injury or hardship.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/attorneys.html Meet our Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys|Helping Victims in Sonoma County - They are also recognized as top Santa Rosa employment attorneys and Santa Rosa probate attorneys because of their ability to obtain successful legal outcomes for their clients in Santa Rosa, Novato, Napa, Petaluma and throughout Northern California.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/donald-edgar.html Meet Donald S. Edgar, Esq.|A Santa Rosa Injury Lawyer - As a Santa Rosa probate attorney, Don is admitted to practice law before all the State Courts of California and is also admitted to practice before the District of Columbia; U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit; U.S. District Court, Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern Districts of California; and the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/rex-grady.html Meet Rex Grady, Esq.|A Santa Rosa Injury Attorney - Santa Rosa injury lawyer Rex Grady is a native of California who has been with our firm since 2000.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/staff.html Meet Our Staff|Helping Our Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys Help You - Among other duties, Heidi is responsible for organizing and updating hundreds of the firm’s mass tort cases, including dangerous prescription drug and other product liability claims.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/birth-injury Birth Injuries|Info From Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyers - If your child suffered injuries at birth, the Santa Rosa injury attorneys at Edgar Law Firm are here to help.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/class-action Call the Class Action Attorneys at Edgar Law Firm for Your Class Action Suit - The class action lawyers at Edgar Law Firm can handle the complexities of a class action suit and help those in need of redress.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/contingency-fees-for-birth-injury-cases Santa Rosa Injury Attorney Don Edgar Reviews Contingency Fees for Birth Injury Cases - In this video, Santa Rosa injury lawyer Don Edgar discusses contingency fees for birth injury cases.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/the-dangers-of-asbestosis-and-mesothelioma The Dangers of Asbestosis and Mesothelioma Discussed by Santa Rosa Injury Attorney Don Edgar - In this video, Santa Rosa injury lawyer Don Edgar reviews the dangers of asbestosis and mesothelioma.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/defective-drugs Defective and Dangerous Drugs|Get Help from Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyers - The Santa Rosa injury attorneys at Edgar Law Firm has the knowledge and experience necessary to litigate cases involving defective or dangerous drugs, working as hard as possible to obtain compensation for their injured clients.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/defective-products The Santa Rosa Injury Lawyers at Edgar Law Firm Assist Victims of Defective Products - Watch this video to hear class action attorney Don Edgar explain when products are defective and how those injured by defective products may be able to recover compensation.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/defective-surgically-implanted-hip-joints Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys Representing Victims of Defective Surgically Implanted Hip Joints - In this video, Santa Rosa injury lawyer Don Edgar discusses symptoms hip implant patients may experience if they have received a defective medical device.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/the-edgar-law-firm-goes-above-and-beyond-for-your-case The Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys at the Edgar Law Firm Go Above and Beyond for Your Case - In this video, Santa Rosa injury attorney Don Edgar explains that representing a client in a personal injury case is both a privilege and an honor.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/firm-intro Edgar Law Firm|Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys with Knowledge, Skill and Experience - The experienced personal injury and class action lawyers at Edgar Law Firm have been helping the injured seek justice for over 24 years.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/the-importance-of-acting-quickly-in-birth-injury-cases Our Santa Rosa Injury Attorney Explains the Importance of Acting Quickly in Birth Injury Cases - In this video, Santa Rosa injury lawyer Don Edgar discusses how it is best to act quickly if you suspect your child was born with a birth injury.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/the-judicial-process-of-a-birth-injury-case Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyer Reviews the Judicial Process of a Birth Injury Case - In this video, Santa Rosa injury attorney Don Edgar reviews the judicial process for parents whose child has suffered a birth injury.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/mesothelioma Mesothelioma|Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyers Represent Those Harmed by Asbestos Exposure - If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, contact the Santa Rosa injury attorneys at Edgar Law Firm today to discuss your rights.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/the-purpose-of-litigation-for-birth-injury-cases Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyer Speaks About the Purpose of Litigation for Birth Injury Cases - In this video, Santa Rosa injury attorney Don Edgar explains why litigation may be necessary for a birth injury case.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/sjs Our Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys Can Help Victims of Stevens Johnson Syndrome - Watch this video of Santa Rosa injury lawyer Don Edgar explaining how certain prescription drugs can cause SJS and how Edgar Law Firm can help those who have fallen victim to Stevens Johnson Syndrome.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/toxic-exposure Toxic Exposure|Santa Rosa Injury Attorney Don Edgar Explains What Can Happen - In this video, Santa Rosa injury lawyer Don Edgar discusses the complex matter of toxic exposure.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/video-library/using-science-to-win-your-defective-drug-case Our Santa Rosa Injury Attorney Discusses Using Science to Win Your Defective Drug Case - In this video, Santa Rosa injury lawyer Don Edgar explains how his legal team prepares for defective drug cases by throughout preparation and a complete understanding the science and medicine.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/practiceareas.html Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyer’s Practice Areas - Our Santa Rosa injury attorneys offer a wide range of legal services for people who were injured or wronged be negligence.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/birth-injuries.html Birth Injury?|Our Santa Rosa Injury Lawyers are Ready to Help - The distinguished Santa Rosa injury attorneys at Edgar Law Firm have unique expertise gained through years of experience that allows them to identify whether negligence led to your child’s birth injury.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/cerebral-palsy.html Cerebral Palsy|Info From Our Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys - The talented Santa Rosa injury attorneys of Edgar Law Firm specialize in representing families whose children suffer from cerebral palsy due to negligence on the part of a healthcare provider and/or hospital staff.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/brachial-plexus-palsy.html Know Someone with Brachial Plexus Palsy?|Our Santa Rosa Injury Attorneys Can Help - Like cerebral palsy, this type of permanent birth injury is often associated with a difficult and/or prolonged labor and, in some cases, may be a direct result of medical errors.
  • http://www.classattorneys.com/class-action.html Wronged by a Group or Corporation?|Our Santa Rosa Class Action Lawyers can Help - Edgar Law Firm’s Santa Rosa class action attorneys have years of experience representing large groups of victims.

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