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Coastal Neurological Medical Group - Neurologists - La Jolla, California - Welcome - Coastal Neurological Medical Group is the site for the practice of neurologists Dr. Dee Edward Silver, and Dr. Amy Nielsen, in La Jolla, California.

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  • Jeremy S - Loved it in the beginning, but it has fallen apart

    I originally had a Speck grip case, but after a month the grip pieces started peeling off. I have always had speck cases and have loved them on all of my iphones (iphone 1, 2, 4GS), but the rubber pieces on the iphone 5 cases are not up to par. Getting to this case...

  • rentotheny - fits great

    Don't know why the new 2016 trucks don't come with fuel caps, but they don't, so this was a must have in my opinion for my new truck. Fits great.

  • Amazon Customer - Dont waste your money, doesnt work worth a damn

    This product did not work at all. All this product does is dry out your hair and make it feel terrible. I bought two boxes, used one the night before the screening and the second one the very next morning and was also the day of the screening. I failed the screening. So no job for me. I do not recommend anyone wasting your money on this craps. It forced me to choose a star but I I didn't want to give it any stars.

  • Jackie - Hair growth, repairs dry brittle hair and split ends, doesn't leave hair frizzy and grows hair!!!

    This product is amazing, I use it everyday and after a 2 weeks I notices my hair was a lot more moisturized and also had less split ends then I had when I first used the product. My hair grew a lot more and was way more manageable then before, I have very curly hair, if i did my hair in the morning I would have tangles and knots by the afternoon, I recommend this product to everyone that want's to keep there curls in check and the great thing is it cuts down time when I air dry, make sure you apply this product everywhere and make little curls with your finger.

  • Tester 1234567 - Does something ... Worth a try

    Something is definitely happening. I would not say that it lives up fully to the hype of all the reviews I have read or seen. I won't say it doesn't work... Because I do feel a change.mostly with the ability to reach REM sleep more frequently, and not be so tired during the day. My focus is alittle better, but that could be because of the sleep. Not ready to give this 5 stars, I will need to try it for another month or so.

  • Paul J. Werbos - Limitations of Outlook forced me to buy a Mac

    If your idea of a great email package is twitter, or if gmail is all you need, then this review is not for you. But if email correspondence is essential to what you do (as it is for me), and you really do need to save and organize years of important documents and correspondence (as is true for me), you represent a market segment that Microsoft simply hasn't gotten around to serving here yet.