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batlab - CoDEM - Le BATLAB ! - CoDEM - Le BATLAB, la plateforme référente nationale pour le développement des éco matériaux

  • http://www.codempicardie.com/index.php/nos-metiers/essais batlab - Essais - Sorption hygroscopique, laboratoire accrédité cofrac, conductivité thermique, matériaux biosourcés, mécanique, résistance à la diffusion de la vapeur d'eau, durabilité,

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  • J. Lussier - Declutter your inner life

    Just like we can accumulate clutter in our house/vehicle, our inner life can have clutter too. We are too busy, running on empty. Maybe even thinking if this is what life is supposed to be about. It doesn't have to be like that. Simplify by Bill Hybels will show you a different way of living. He will show you how to declutter your inner being.

  • Melanie Ellison - Good and Bad

    My kids ages 9-21 love this! Fun to dance and watch. I would have given it 5 stars, but I do not like that you have to download and/or purchase more songs. It should come with the current songs that it says it does.

  • Evadman - Motor Died

    I have had this heat gun for about 2 years, and the motor just died. There was a loud rattle, then the motor would no longer spin. The gun then quickly overheated, and the motor smells like cooked electronics. I used it perhaps a total of 15 times, and just started using it again to replace the heatshrink on 18650 batteries. Besides that, I used it extremely sparingly on heatshrink wire connectors. I was unable to locate a replacement motor for it that isn't more than the gun itself.

  • Sherlock Shirley - Murder She Wrote

    Charlaine Harris again brings to life our favorite librarian Aurora Teagarden. Now married and expecting life should be perfect. Stress and mystery begin when Phillip, Aurora's resident brother, disappears along with some of his young friends. Like most drama its all about the twists and turns that lead to the crime solution. Easy prose and interesting charaters are weaved by this author. ARC was provided by publisher via netgalley .

  • D Rock - The Official FIVB Ball

    Weird at first, but you'll get used to it. Smaller than the original one. The surface has little pores, it feels really weird at first, but an awesome feel to set and pass. Not to mention the bounce it has to it. Hitting straight down has never been this awesome!