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Colegio de Farmacéuticos de Puerto Rico - Inicio - Es una organización profesional creada por ley. Agrupa a todos los farmacéuticos autorizados a ejercer la profesión en Puerto Rico.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Lori Villalobos - Does absolutely nothing

    I used this product for three months, each bottle a one month supply, and noticed not one difference in my skin. This stuff is a joke....don't waste your money....

  • vgva - Short but sweet!

    As all of Detective Tracy Crosswhite stories, this one does not dissappoint! It's short but it gives you just a few more insights into Tracy's relationship with her boss Nolasco. It's highly entertaining.

  • Mr Eric McDonogh - Scary for those who don't have Cancer....yet

    From cover to cover this is what you would call an informative book. It opened my mind to the impurities and toxins we put in our bodies. As a person who found myself in the position where a loved one got brest cancer, I found this book very informative on what practical solutions to take in the fight against the disease. The solution this book suggests though is not an easy one. Then again nothing worth while ever is. A complete lifestyle change is on order to enable the body to implement its own defences and cure the cancer. This book has opened my eyes to the causes of cancer and how we ourselves are primarily at fault. Sure there are hereditary causes but the food and things we eat are a huge factor. Having read this book I would recommend that you approach it with an open mind. Listen to what Anne and David (authors) have to say, and then make up your own mind. This book will not offer you a pop the pill solution or provide you with some magical remedy for cancer. What it will do is whet your appetite and show you that there is another way forward, there is life after Chemotherapy fails and there is life after Cancer. I consider myself a healthy person, this book scared me about what I was told about the foods I eat and what they do to me. I completely recommend this book and can do that because I know that with an open mind any reader will get from it what I did. A point in the right direction to beat this terrible disease.

  • Tom Otway - Outstanding

    This has a great plot, a believable hero, realistic dialogue, and holds your interest every page. I read a ton of this type book,and am sick of the superhero who never misses a shot,never loses a fight. This s very realistic.

  • Babbo - Don't use your phone while charging

    We have used this only a few times, yet each time it has worked flawlessly. Great idea and quite useful. Discovered the iPhone does not like to continue to charge if you are talking, so charging only happens if the phone is left alone. Worked well for charging camera batteries too!

  • T0YODA - Awesome!

    Best weight loss supplement. I have so much energy with this, a little too much sometimes it makes me jittery, but only when I take 2 capsules in the morning. Definitely need to drink a lot of water with this as it makes me thirsty, so expect to go to the bathroom a lot.