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Programs to Reduce Violence, Alcohol & Tobacco - Communities That Care - Communities That Care is a proven, community-change process for reducing youth violence, alcohol & tobacco, & delinquency through tested & effective

  • http://www.communitiesthatcare.net/how-ctc-works/ How It Works | Communities That Care - CTC uses prevention science to promote healthy youth development. We guide local coalitions through a tested 5-phase process.
  • http://www.communitiesthatcare.net/how-ctc-works/social-development-strategy/ Social Development Strategy | Communities That Care - CTC fosters young people’s well-being using a Social Development Strategy that promotes opportunities, skills, and recognition.
  • http://www.communitiesthatcare.net/research-results/ Research & Results | Communities That Care - A rigorous scientific trial of CTC demonstrated reductions in rates of youth violence, crime, alcohol, and tobacco use.
  • http://www.communitiesthatcare.net/getting-started/ Get Started | Communities That Care - Bring CTC to your community using our new web workshops—presenting our latest research, instructional videos, materials, and support.
  • http://www.communitiesthatcare.net/getting-started/ctc-training/ Original Training | Communities That Care - The original CTC training materials are in the public domain and available here.

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  • MarTay - Face Stimulator

    I notice a nice glow after using, but really wish you could "feel" the sensation a bit when it's in use.

  • Sherri Kidd - Awesome sticker cards and album!!

    My daughter loves the album and sticker collection. I have three boys and one girl and out of all of them my daughter is the one who is the biggest in sports. She loves basketball, so when I seen these I knew I had to order them for her!! They are beautiful stickers. Easy to peel off and apply to the album. You can also order the extra stickers, 7 in a pack and get 10 packs that's 70 sticker cards and cheap!! Love every toy/item I have ever ordered from this company!! You can also use the stickers as trading cards, you don't have to peal them off the backs!!! These are so much fun for all ages!! Kids or adults will enjoy them!! I received this product for discounted price/or free in exchange for my honest review.

  • Janice F. - I can see results after only a few days

    This product works as described. I still have problems like a teenager, even though I have not seen the teenage years for quite awhile! I have found my skin looks so much better! My hair already grows fast, so may need to have it. It every three weeks instead of every four to five weeks as I wear my hair very short!

  • Carol M Pile - Interesting Stuff

    Pretty much an update to the author's previous books on Mrs. Clinton, and even though i do follow current events, there was information new to me. Anyone who thoughtfully reads this book and votes for Hillary Clinton cannot be a true patriot.

  • MaryH - 2013 Review

    I purchased a Soda Stream Soda Maker a few months ago from a local Bed, Bath & Beyond store where they also had an abundance of carbonators. The carbonators are $29.99 with no exchange, or $14.99 with an exchange. I've also seen the carbonators at many local supermarkets as well as chain stores like Target, Kohl's and Best Buy. I bet WalMart probably has them, too. What I like: using my own filtered water to make sparkling water anytime I want in a re-usable bottle that I didn't have to pay a bottle deposit on and have to return to a store to get my deposit back. What I don't care about one way or another: the flavored syrups since I'm not a big soda drinker and would rather have sparkling water plain or with a splash of cranberry, grapefruit or orange juice mixed in. What I don't like: can't think of a thing.

  • Pippin - Rest For The Weary...a sleeping aid

    Whenever any of my other Amazon purchases get too exciting and prevent me from falling asleep, I turn to this Bible installed in my Kindle and instantly...well, after 3 to 5 chapters...I'm in dreamland. Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, I've made much more progress with this Kindle Bible than with any other physical Bible I've been gifted with over my 6 decades of existence. Maybe it's because it's always there. Maybe it's because I don't lose my place. Maybe it's because I can easily find the meaning of words or I can easily look up images in my nearby iPad. Maybe it's because I'm able to adjust the font to a comfortable size. Maybe it's because I can read it in the dark. Maybe it's because it's lighter than any Bible I've ever owned and I can easily shift positions in bed while I'm reading it. Or maybe it's just because it makes feel peaceful and secure in the knowledge that through the ages God has ever been faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

  • Meredith Coronato - so fun!

    This is so much fun! I was looking for a calendar for my little boy and this popped up! Who doesn't love to pop bubble wrap? we had a few months to cover so he immediately got to work. This is so brilliant that I have a hard time keeping him from popping all of them! My one and only suggestion is that although the months are in sequence and the color varies from black to dark red- it is very hard to tell which months are which. A little confusing. I would suggest a greater color difference in months to clear the confusion. The air filled bubbles were placed directly over each number so it is quite clear which one to pop.