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Software y Revistas para la Construcción - Construdata.com - Software, revistas e información especializada para construcción, arquitectura e ingeniería.

  • http://www.construdata.com/Bc/Revista_Construdata/Articulos/descripcion_detallada_de_productos_construdata.asp descripcion detallada de productos construdata - Construdata.com - www.construdata.com es el sitio de Legis S.A. y creadora de una línea de software y publicaciones especializadas, diseñado para el sector de la construcción y sus profesionales, que tiene como objetivo entregarle información destacada del medio.

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  • Christopher Gray - Space Time Continuum

    I have observed an interesting phenomenon: When I eat these I am temporarily granted the power to poop things I didn't actually eat. Like, I can poop things people standing near me ate for lunch/dinner even if I wasn't with them and didn't actually have anything myself.

  • Farah - Life-changing in a good way

    These are amazing! I received a sample, and a friend raved about them, which is why I tried these in the first place. It takes some getting used to, but these disposable SoftCups look much easier to use compared to other permanent cups, especially if you have used NuvaRing birth control before (similar concept-ish). These are much more comfortable than tampons, as long as you're okay with the ick factor when taking these out. I'd recommend trying to get a sample first before buying these and see if they are as life-changing for you as it is for everyone else!

  • S.D.P - I'm in absolute love.

    As a social worker, I use adult coloring books frequently with my patients. Having a planner that encompasses both just takes the cake! I sat for two hours coloring and planning out the next few weeks. I couldn't believe it! The only downside is I have to wait until next week to start using it :) the first day it begins is June 27th. So happy about this purchase. What a combo!

  • Alex - Everybody loves Wilson

    People keep asking me if Wilson can come out and play. I ask him what he thinks and he is always ready to go. Unlike seemingly everyone else here, I adopted Wilson because I needed a volleyball to play with and wanted something different so that I could easily identify my ball on the court. Wilson definitely fit that bill. He doesn't keep me up at night because I keep him locked out in my car. Usually in the backseat, but sometimes I need the space so in the trunk he goes.

  • Ignacio Curiel A. - Why more advertising? Too bad, Hallmark!

    I find it really annoying that the program is designed to print the "Hallmark" sign on the back of all the cards, no matter what you do to hide it. If I bought a licence to customize my cards, why should I keep advertising the brand? I agree that maybe a copyright sign might be necessary, but only with a small line at hte bottom of the last page. I think this is unfair and I don't like it at all. I wish I could return the program, but it seems that there are no returns for software purchased in Amazon (or any other store where you buy software AFAIK-As Far As I Know)

  • Robert S. Wright - Perfect for planning a trip

    I have been using AutoRoute to plan trips to Europe for years. In this version I was able to chart out a driving route in Germany that will allow me to hit up to 8 castles in a single day in the ODENWALD. Many of the castles are not even mentioned in guidebooks and are nearly impossible to find directions to on the internet (at least in English). This software will show you exactly where they are and helps you determine what roads you need to get there. A GPS is great for when you are there but you need to have an idea of where you are going before it can be useful. I also love the tie-in to bing maps. Once I find a location, I can jump to a satellite view in Bing maps to see what the terrain is like. Overall, great piece of software.