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  • Frank L. Petro - Great Product

    I have a problem with moss on the north side of my house. I mixed the product according to the directions then applied with a garden sprayer. With in a couple of weeks all the Moss has died. Now I just need to wait for a heavy rain to wash the moss off the roof.

  • Lila - White space nightmare

    I use Publisher 2010 at work and really like it. It actually is a pretty intuitive program. I was hoping the new version would have some great updates. Little did I know that the blinding white workspace would deter me from wanting to find out what the program can do. You cannot customize the color/theme beyond some minor changes although I understand the other 2013 Office programs, such as Word and Excel, do allow two color changes. This appears to be a choice in Publisher but actually doesn't work. I would not have purchased the new version if I had seen the workspace. It may seem like a minor, cosmetic annoyance but it is really a nightmare. Whoever approved this design is an idiot.

  • D. Carman - Wife loves this stuff

    My wife is blonde and uses chemical enhancement to stay that way. Her hair takes a beating and this stuff appears to help. I say appear because I've not done the research to look at her hair before and after under a microscope or done any spectrometer exams. She swears by it and that is my final test.

  • St. Louis Cards - Disk will fall out of strap. Needs improvement. D+

    I read all the negative feedback about the disk falling out of the bracelet. Many people kindly answered my questions. And the MOOV company promptly answered my questions. So I went ahead and ordered the MOOV Now. I was SHOCKED; the engineering was worse than I could imagine. The disk is barely contained in the strap. I so wanted to like and keep this tracker. I didn't see how I could possibly wear it; I'd be scared every second that the disk was going to fall out. I just don't get it: the engineering on the disk itself and the app is so first class. And then the way they've set up the strap as if it's an afterthought. I'm very disappointed, because I really wanted to use this thing, but not like this. Please, MOOV, fix the strap so that the disk is really secure. Also, the strap is itself seemed a bit too flimsy to me. I was also concerned that it would come loose on my hand. The "clasp" didn't seem very claspy. Back to the drawing boards, my friends.

  • Mrs. Alice R. Brewer - Why black?

    I haven't bought these. I don't understand why the ink is black? I only write in pink, I'm a girl for God's sake BIC please think before marketing a product for women. So careless.

  • Kaytlyn - which was annoying but not enough for me to return it

    The shoes themselves are okay, but I'm a little worried that I got a knockoff pair. Also the company shipped me a 9.5 instead of a 9, which was annoying but not enough for me to return it. If you're looking for a good pair of Nikes that look nice, skip these. I don't think they were worth the money.

  • A. Richards - Fastest wine chiller we've seen

    We are purchasing our second Cooper Cooler. The last one we basically just wore out with heavy use over a few years. The need to add ice (a minor inconvenience) is better than waiting 30 minutes for a chilled glass of wine at the end of the day. We were given one of the Waring chillers that is a self-refrigerated type and it takes a long time to chill (although it is fine to keep wine at temperature near the dining table). But for a cold beer quickly, or to chill wine in 6 minutes (it really does!) this is the best and quickest. When we got our first Cooper Cooler, we were afraid we would "blow up" carbonated beverages with the spinner. No problem, spinning seems to work fine with no fizzy consequences. Even works for champagne if the bottle is small enough. Some are a little big.