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  • Father Maxi - Velcro And Cloth Don't Mix

    When putting them on, the side of the forefinger which is a mesh cloth fabric keeps getting snagged on the velcro on the wrist strap. Separating it from the velcro pulls a little of the fabric out every time, weakening it.

  • eaglesoar777 - BEST therapy I have ever used on my hair!

    A hair stylist asked my one day what in the world I put on my hair as I walked in the room (I have very curly hair and have to flat iron it) and I use a lot of this product and it is just fantastic! She said my hair looked like silk and what was I putting on it? I said I don't know that I would go and look. I laughed when I came back with the bottle I told her that she had it half right, it is BIOSILK therapy! It helps to smooth my hair (I have long hair to my waist, and very hard to control) and it also makes it very shiny and healthy looking.

  • Paulette - Word 2010

    I went back to Word 2003. I absolute hate Word 2010. I might have to use it in the future for my job. I hope not . . .