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  • Richa637 - TaxACT impressed me.

    TaxACT Deluxe was easy to use and performed as a quality product. I switched because TurboTax removed Itemized Deductions from Basic. I was very satisfied with TaxACT and will use the 2015 product.

  • SEGMAR - great Christmas gift

    His look on his face was well worth the online time for the purchase. He is one heck of a baseball player...

  • mike_wood - How stupid is that

    Do not buy this program if you want to backup manually on a regular bases. Acronis has decided it wants to be big brother and try to back up all the time. I really only want to back up manually when I decide as I have it on a home computer and don't need on going backups. I have been trying for two weeks to turn off all automatic services to no avail. Something called "home services" keeps poping up and trying to back up to a usb drive whenever I insert it. So it tries to back up 150gb to an 8gb usb! How stupid is that? Acronis will not help me with this problem. I have turned off all Acronis programs at startup and in processes but somehow this "home serivices" continues to execute. There are no "settings" options available so I am stuck. I have purchased TI for many years but will find another backup program and delete this POS.

  • F. R. Bernard - Once gain, Optimum Nutrition RUINED an almost perfect product

    For the second time, Optimum Nutrition opted to ruin something good, why ON?? First was the natural vanilla version, which I was a loyal buyer, but then they removed the Aminogen, an enzyme that would help digest the protein (something good). Because of that, I switched to the regular Vanilla Ice Cream version (which has artificial flavors added) but had no Sucralose and the Aminogen was still included. AND NOW, for this regular Vanilla Ice Cream version they added a new label that states NEW and IMPROVED taste, which MEANS: ADDED SUCRALOSE and REMOVED Aminogen, not to mention it tastes HORRIBLE (highly sweetened and artificial disgusting taste as hell). So they managed to ADD something bad (sucralose) and to take away something good (aminogen). Thank you ON, you just lost another loyal customer.