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Best San Diego Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Ackerman, Past Chiropractor for the New Orleans Saints and the Delta Festival Ballet - The best chropractor in San Diego,Dr. Michael Ackerman, past chiropractor for the New Orleans Saints and the Delta Festival Ballet, Medical Intuitive, & Healer.

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  • Allan R. Bayaua - play from or have devices like backup drives or anything important

    Life saver! if you don't have one and you use your machine to work from, play from or have devices like backup drives or anything important, this is a MUST. I've had a few power outages thanks to the faulty wiring at where I live and this has saved my machines and work from abrupt and possibly violent power breaks.

  • Barry T - Ineffective, wish it worked!

    Wish I could say it worked for me, but I wasn't satisfied with this supplement. I purchased this because of marketing from the Joe Rogan podcast and while you may have different results, I just didn't see cognitive improvements in any way.

  • Dixie G. - Not bad!

    I did a bit of research in to EGF before purchasing this product, because anything that stimulates cell growth is, for me, at least worth thinking about. In this case, EGF stimulates cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation which can lead, for example, to your skin producing new cells to help heal scar tissue. It's pretty impressive, and the people who discovered it back in the 80s won a Nobel Prize. Okay, that's pretty compelling, but is it going to work, or is it going to make my skin overproduce skin cells and cause problems?

  • Thomaseena - I would not recommend this product

    I am running Windows 32 bit and the program stops responding all the time and crashes. It is slow to respond and complete options. If all the features they tout worked properly, it would be a good product, but they just don't work.