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Diabetic diet, articles, tips, recipes, books, supplies and lifestyle - Living with diabetes might be a great and intimidating challenge. You can find here guidance and practical information for diabetic diet, supplies, books, recipes and tips.

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  • Justin Newberry - Awesome tool for simpler joinery

    Got this jig because I didn't have the equipment to make more traditional joinery (i.e. mortise and tenon, dovetail, rabbets). It works really well. Please know that if you don't replace the long drill bit with a standard long phillips bit, you will be forced to continue buying the proprietary Kreg square head screws. The first thing I did was go to Menards and get a really long phillips bit and now I can use regular bulk purchased screws for my projects. Also, adding a little glue to each joint is a must! Softwoods like pine will not keep a tight join just with the screws. I learned that the hard way.

  • K. Alexander - Converted from MS Money

    Given that Money is no longer supported, I've been looking for a compelling reason to move to a new platform. Money was't perfect, and certainly could have been more intuitive outside of the basic register functions. However, it did function well and my view of Quicken in past years has been that while being a good product, it was not compelling enough to transfer from Money.

  • M. North - the mat that's pictured is not the mat you get

    I ordered this mat in September, 2013 and love it. So I ordered another one (one for work, one for home). But what I received is not the mat in the picture. You'll find the mat they sent me on Amazon at: 

  • Christal - It works, don't believe people who say the "peeling" is fake!

    I bought this from the mall for significantly more even though I got a deal. I just purchased the 4 box set on here and it's the same product. (They sell wholesale on their site) Anywho I use this on my face, neck and now stomach due to darkening and stretch marks after pregnancy (as an experiment on my stomach). It does remove dirt, oil and dead skin. I am dark complexioned and can tell it's my skin from the stuff that falls off, also my skin is left squeaky clean afterwards. Another way I can tell it works is because less skin comes off after you start using it, so don't believe the wannabe at home scientists that say it isn't really peeling your skin off!

  • Amazon Customer - After the first week....

    I received my NuWave a week ago and have used it every day. I will be first to agree that the shipping is absolutely outrageous. I would rather a company say "we are charging you $89" instead of only $99 plus s/h that cost as much as the product because we know you are too dumb to figure it out." I purchased the "free" pots and pans and feel that they were a fair price. I am pleased with the quality of all of the pans. I have made breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I am pleased with how fast it goes from cold to ready to cook. My kitchen has stayed much,much cooler than when cooking on my cooktop. I made a wonderful shrimp dish with a cheddar sauce and liked being able to sautee all of the fresh ingredients ,stir in the cheddar set the temp and leave it to meld until I was ready to sautee the shrimp and then serve with pasts. It was great for making a fresh creamy ganache that I slathered over a coconut cheese cake. I set the temp and the sauce stayed hot and creamy withoit scorching or lumping. I had to call Customer service and was on hold maybe 3 minutes. So far so good. I have not had any issues at all. My Niece has had hers for over four months and also purchased the grill, she uses it for grilled burger's,veggies, chicken, shrimp,and fish. She uses it at least once a day and is exteremy pleased with it. Hope this helps. I do think it is worth the total price just know that the s/h is a real joke.