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  • http://www.doctordavidfriedman.com/about/ About Dr. Friedman | Dr. David Friedman - Dr. David Friedman is a Chiropractic Neurologist, certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Nutritionist. He received a post-doctorate certification from Harvard
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  • http://www.doctordavidfriedman.com/food-sanity-foreword/ Food Sanity Foreword | Dr. David Friedman - Food Sanity Foreword by Harvey Diamond Author of Fit For Life www.harveydiamond.com Imagine how everyone felt after Christopher Columbus proved the world was
  • http://www.doctordavidfriedman.com/food-sanity-introduction/ Food Sanity Introduction | Dr. David Friedman - Food Sanity: INTRODUCTION   As health expert for Lifetime television’s morning show and syndicated radio host, I’ve spent the last fifteen years
  • http://www.doctordavidfriedman.com/in-the-media/ In The Media | Dr. David Friedman - Books Authored: A Cup of Coffee with 10 Leading Chiropractors (#1 National Bestseller) Understanding The Nervous System The 500 Pound Challenge Food
  • http://www.doctordavidfriedman.com/in-the-media/video-gallery/ Video Gallery | Dr. David Friedman - The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners Most Vitamins Are Dangerous! Get the Best Abs Without Situps Lose Weight without Dieting
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  • http://www.doctordavidfriedman.com/root-canals-and-heart-disease-my-personal-story/ Root Canals And Heart Disease: My Personal Story | Dr. David Friedman - By Dr. David Friedman We’ve all known or heard of someone who died suddenly of a heart attack for no apparent reason. That 50 year old neighbor, seemingly

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  • Customer In Tennessee - Like it

    I really like the look of it on my vehicle (don't need to be removed when going through a car wash).

  • D. R. Gendreau - Floormate VS Shark steam cleaner. Real world test!

    I bought the original floormate when it first came out. My only reservation with these floor cleaners is when the scrub blocks wear out they are a significant portion of the total cost of another machine. Its like the ink for printers. $39 for a block is outrageous.

  • John W. Vaughan - Oil Pulling

    OIL Pulling by Dr Bruce Fife: is an amazing description of a 2000 year old oral health procedure. Fife says that all disease starts in the mouth, and he goes on to prove it as well as describes how a simple mouth clensng procedure usin a "food" oil will imptove your health in marvelous, unexpected ways .... I have bought 6 copies to loan out to friends, and friends of friends, who are amazed at how such a simple "washing" of the mouth with oil can cure tooth aches, genguvutis (sp). and what is unbelievable other body problems, seemingly far removed from the mouth...... Its worth every penny...... and YOU will be a hero. when you tell your friends aout it.

  • Joni Fussner - WONDERFUL

    This little gun made my life so easy, I was redoing the refrigerator selves in my RV with plasti dip this worked like a charm. I didn't have sore hands and fingers from pressing and shaking the can. Get one they are great!!

  • Angela E Pierson - We Love Rick

    In our family we simply refer to him as Rick. "I wonder what Rick says about that". He has taken us all over Europe!

  • Amazon Customer - Don't purchase on Amazon, go elsewhere.

    I'm not sure if I received 2 defective packs because there is NO adhesion whatsoever on them. I took off the liner on each strip & tested it with my fingers & it had no stickiness like tape should have. I got 2 replacement packs & they wont stick on the the wall at all. 4 defective packs, what a coincidence! I've purchased these locally many times & 1 strip could easy hold up an 8x10 picture frame. By the way, I have smooth, flat paint on my walls & never had problem with strips not adhering as they should before my Amazon purchase. I wouldn't recommend purchasing them here. They must be selling extremely old product.